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MNmamaOf4 02:50 PM 03-24-2011
I want to change my payment policy in my contract before I get any new families. Right now the payment is due the last day of care for the week. I want to change it to being due 1st thing Monday morning or their first day of care for the week. Can anyone please help me with the wording? Currently I have 2 daycare families, one is here Mon-Thur and the other is here Thursday all day and Friday mornings. I haven't had a payment issue until today. So I want to change it. When I make the change, how do I present the families with a new contract? Sorry this is all new to me!

2nd thing I want to add to my contract that I don't have in there right now is a potty training policy. What do others have for theirs? I'm not sure what to put in my contract or how to word it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry to post and run, but I've gotta make dinner!

Thank you!
daycare 02:56 PM 03-24-2011
I would be happy to private msg you my Phb
MNmamaOf4 07:02 PM 03-24-2011
Originally Posted by daycare:
I would be happy to private msg you my Phb
That would be great! I'd appreciate it!
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