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daycare 05:30 PM 06-02-2011
So I just started a new client who seems super nice. Gave me a legit reason as to why they were in need of new DC. They just moved here.

So long story short, in the email, there was a 3rd person asking questions to the DCM about who the payment will go to(company is writing the checks for DC payments). In the email the third person asked why didn't we cut a check for the last month for DC? The DCM tells this super long story as to why her daughter was not in child care for the last month and why no submission of invoice. It was a pretty sketchy story and nothing of what the DCP had told me. I don't think that the DCM was aware that she forwared me all of those emails....

I have not said anything about it and don't know if I should....Would you ignor it or just use it as a red flag to keep my eye both wide open???
Sugar Magnolia 05:48 PM 06-02-2011
Eyes wide open. Sometimes emails have a warning attached like "....if this email has reached you in error, do not read, delete immediately...." and so on, especially if it comes from a company computer. So I wouldn't mention it to the mom at all. But now you know she has 'selective memory loss' or an issue with honesty. If it turns out the child is a holy living nightmare, you'll know why she omitted certain information.
daycare 05:51 PM 06-02-2011
the little girl is actually a sweetheart... I cant get over how well behaved and polite the child is......

thanks, I will keep my eyes wide open
cheerfuldom 06:55 PM 06-02-2011
what was the sketchy story? its possible that the story to the company is a lie as well.
Crystal 09:42 PM 06-02-2011
If I am SURE someone is lying to me, I call them out on it. I have actually done it and will do it again if ever I need to. I don't tolerate lying.
sharlan 10:39 PM 06-02-2011
I have ZERO tolerance for lying. I let my parents know that up front. I've termed families for lying. I would show the emails to the mom.
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