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mrsp'slilpeeps 09:47 AM 07-11-2011

I have been open for 2 hours, and since then, my son has been called a foul name, dcb broke his glasses, and the other dcb pushed him down the stairs.


All of this done right in front of me. What did the parents do feed them candy before they unleashed their bullies on me for the day?

I have a feeling that all of my dck's are gonna be sitting in time out alot today.

I can not get them to settle down this am.

Help please.
Meeko 09:52 AM 07-11-2011
Parents have filled them full of sugar over the weekend and then dumped them on you. Nothing much you can do except feed them good food, and try and come up with some calming activities.

Mine were getting LOUD this morning during free play. I covered the table in different kinds of colored paper, threw on a pile of stickers and some crayons and told them to go at it. It's been so quite for ages now and they are coming up with some really nice works of art!
sharlan 10:06 AM 07-11-2011
It sounds like it's time to load up and head to the nearest park.

It sounds like these kids were penned up and fed garbage all weekend.
daycare 10:13 AM 07-11-2011
mondays are always crazy get used to it..
as someone else said they have a crazy weekend and way out of routine while home with mom and dad.

All of my kids are very crabby and out of sorts on Mondays. So due to this our mondays are different than the rest of the week. We go to the park in the morning right after snack, have a light lunch when we return and go down for naps early. Becuase of their crazy off schedule weekends, most of the kids will sleep for 3 plus hours. So we go down at 12:15 as opposed to 1:00. When we wake up, we have a huge snack and then back outside.....
SilverSabre25 10:20 AM 07-11-2011
My Monday was fine until I checked the weather report...we're under a heat advisory for the heat index being around 100, from now until 8 PM. *sigh* Even if I felt like letting them do (unplanned) water play this afternoon to beat the heat, that's too hot under ANY circumstances for my wee tiny babe to be out in the heat. So, we get to stay in. And my nephews are coming over. And a dcb is arriving in the middle of naptime so his mom can go to a doctor's appt (I wouldn't normally permit the mid-nap disruption, but she's probably having a miscarriage and this is important) and I know he won't nap. So he and my DD and my nephews get to TRY not to wake my sleeper--either the dcb or the baby.

Good thing I have a box of gluten-free dairy free double chocolate cookies and 20 oz Mountain Dew Supernova...I'm gonna need 'em...
boysx5 10:32 AM 07-11-2011
I know we are stuck inside way too hot to go out makes for a long day
Cat Herder 10:51 AM 07-11-2011
Happy Retraining Day!!!

Where's the Motrin?
daycare 10:54 AM 07-11-2011
Originally Posted by Catherder:
Happy Retraining Day!!!

Where's the Motrin?
lol sooooo true
littlemissmuffet 11:04 AM 07-11-2011
The child who broke your son's glasses would be going home the day. The one who PUSHED YOUR SON DOWN THE STAIRS would be going home and NEVER returning. That is 100% unacceptable!

I know Mondays can be rough because 9 times out of 10 our DCKs lack any kind of structure and routine at home but stick to your guns and be consistant - mine are usually pretty good after a few reminders Monday morning.
mom2many 11:18 AM 07-11-2011
Hope your day gets better! I can so relate...Mondays can be rough!
mrsp'slilpeeps 11:21 AM 07-11-2011
Seriously, I have never seen so many rude and mean little kids today. I am at my wits end today. I am ready to put them all in seperate rooms and call it good until 5:30 rolls around.

Never in my life.
MARSTELAC 11:32 AM 07-11-2011
That's exactly what I say every Monday morning! We should get double pay for Mondays!!
Blackcat31 12:00 PM 07-11-2011
Originally Posted by MARSTELAC:
That's exactly what I say every Monday morning! We should get double pay for Mondays!!
yeah, but then the parents would expect Fridays at half rates since the little kiddos are all trained so well by then..... LOL!!!
SilverSabre25 12:14 PM 07-11-2011
Naptime: Ah, bliss. Peace, quiet, tranquility.


BOOM!!! CRASH CRACKLE BOOM kaBOOOOOM!!!!!: Thunderstorm rolls in.

Kids: AHHHH!!! [ear-piercing shrieks ensue].

Naptime = no more.

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