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Daycare and Taxes>Recording Meals Not On Food Program
EAP 04:01 AM 02-05-2013
I use MMK but just dropped the food program - do I still need to keep as detailed records of the food served for standard tax purposes or can I do something more basic?
TomCopeland 11:23 AM 02-05-2013
It's a financial mistake to drop the Food Program. You are always better off financially if you are on the Food Program.

For tax purposes, you need to keep track of all the meals and snacks you served to each child, each day. This is true whether you are on the Food Program or not. You don't need to keep menus and you don't have to serve nutritious food if you are not on the Food Program.

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EAP 07:30 PM 02-05-2013
Thanks - it was a work /life balance issue to drop it.
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