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MG&Lsmom 10:03 AM 02-01-2011
What are you kids, and your, favorite music CDs? We've been grooving to Laurie Berkner all morning. We also love Dan Zanes and the songs from Yo Gabba Gabba.
Little People 10:08 AM 02-01-2011
Wheels on the bus! I think I sing this in my sleep!!
Zoe 10:19 AM 02-01-2011
I grew up with Raffi and have continued the tradition with my kids and daycare kids. We use his songs during circle time as well as just to have on for background music. We all LOVE him!
Danielle 10:35 AM 02-01-2011
Imagination Movers...I'll even admit I listen to it in the car when no kids are with me..but so does DH.
MARSTELAC 11:11 AM 02-01-2011
for naptime I have been using piano music from a friend of mine...if you like piano check out
SunflowerMama 11:30 AM 02-01-2011
We love Dan Zanes too!!

These are some favorites around here:
Eddie Coker
Ralph's World (any of them)
Nora Jones (when I need the kids to wind down)
AnythingsPossible 07:04 PM 02-01-2011
We have a cd by Shawn Brown and the kids love it. There is one part in a song where it says "somebody scream!!" and boy do they! It is a very entertaining cd.
I like to turn on and put Laurie Berkner as the search thread.
Rachel 03:45 AM 02-02-2011
Am I the first one who actually doesn't mind Wiggles? We have a couple of their CDs and the kids love them! Plus they don't drive me nuts like other kiddie music.
LindaMJ 08:01 PM 02-06-2011
So far, my kids love Kids in Motion, which is an old one from the 80's. Elmocize is another favorite. I've been looking for newer dance DVD's or videos, there are so many to choose from. I had a Wiggles dance DVD that the kids really enjoyed, but lost it. Suggestions?
mickey2 08:01 AM 02-07-2011
Fisher price Dance baby Dance is a favorite here! Its very upbeat for "dance time"
lvt77 04:25 PM 02-07-2011
my personl fav is anything by frank leto..

what can we do today my fav

second is you can tell how i feel by the look on my face also frank leto
LindaMJ 08:48 PM 02-07-2011
I ordered and just today recieved Greg and Steve in concert for children; we only got to participate with half of it before my dck had to leave, but it was so much fun! We got to participate with the audience. I seriously want to order more of their DVD's but I need to slow down and just enjoy this one for awhile. I've been thinking about the Wiggles. I have some Barney and Sesame Street videos, but "I" am ready for something new. Have Fun!
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