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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Why The Lies??? (Another Long One...)
TBird 10:23 AM 03-14-2011
Why can't parents and providers just be honest with each other??? I know this is an age old question and a frequent rant, but UGH!!!

Ok, quick background....

- Daycare mom needed care ASAP and then wouldn't sign my contract as promised (she kept stalling, ignoring, lost it, whatever).
- I had a full time spot and she treated it like PT drop-in care.
- Paid me late twice (late charge was $20...she only paid me $10).
- Picked up late on nights I specifically told her that I have activities with my kids (5:30 SHARP is my closing time for a REEEEEASON)!

Okay, now those are all the things that are totally MY FAULT!!! BELIEVE ME...I am never letting this happen to me again. When I did childcare 10 years ago, I would have never put up with this. I'm just opening (and the baby is beautiful) so maybe that had something to do with it.

Anyway, today's issue...DCB didn't come on Friday. Of course no payment to me. I did message her and she promised she would stop by and pay me after work (this lie is becoming the most common of them all). I had my husband stay home and miss my daughter's Brownie meeting to get this payment. Friday, Saturday, payment. I CALLED her yesterday to tell her that her spot is filled (I sent her a letter weeks ago explaining that this is a full time position) and that I still need payment. She TEXTS me today to say that dad didn't get paid and she had no idea he wasn't going to pay. UM, didn't she tell me that SHE would be dropping off payment??? Now all of a sudden DAD is responsible for payments when SHE is the one who signed my contract (they are split up in an on again, off again relationship). So now I'm supposedly getting paid on Wednesday.

Why the lies??? Instead of wasting my DH's time on Friday, she could have just said they didn't have the money. I'd rather try to work things out than be lied to. I provide the UTMOST in service and care and it's only right that I get paid (or at least not get lied to). I'm not a SAHM with a hobby...I count on this income to provide for my family. When I was in corporate I NEVER would have dreamed of jerking my provider around. We searched through many providers until we found the days, hours, policies and environment that we could work with. Once we signed that contract, it was HER business and HER rules....otherwise we would have had no business wasting her time or ours.

PHEW! Just had to get that off my chest...I feel so much better now!!!
dEHmom 10:58 AM 03-14-2011
Fill out a demand for payment. Advise her of a timeframe. If you don't want to take it to court that's fine, but I would assume at this point they want to avoid court, so they may just pay you. Work out a payment plan if you want to, saying they pay this much every payday until they are paid in full with a little extra incentive to get them paying it off faster (+ $5) every week or something, as opposed to a daily late charge.
daycare 10:58 AM 03-14-2011
big hugs to you. I have been there and done the same things, like waiting at the house for payment and lost time with my family. NEVER again.

I hope that things get better and so glad that you were able to fill your spot, hopefully with a more honest and respectful family.
laundrymom 11:03 AM 03-14-2011
It seems like everyone, or most everyone ,.. has had to go through some form of this parent. I wish you luck,.. and send loads of warm happy vibes your way !!
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