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Oneluckymom 12:05 AM 05-19-2012
I was wondering how some of you organize the curriculum materials used throughout the year. I am going to start pulling things together for the upcoming fall and REALLY want to be organized.
Countrygal 06:06 PM 05-20-2012
karen 12:44 PM 05-21-2012
I use a file storage box.
I have all 12 months in it and each month has at least 4 themes to go with that month. For example....
Winter sports
Animals that live in the Artcic
Nursery Rhymes
Each theme has it's own file folder with craft ideas, lauguage, songs, fingerplays, science, and whatever else I can find.... things get added all the time.
Each letter of the alphabet has it's own folder as well with different activtities.
Actually time to upgrade from file box to file storage cabinet!
Oneluckymom 01:30 PM 05-21-2012
That's great karen !! Thanks for sharing !! Do you also put all your print out, etc in that folder or do you have all of your materials that go with that theme in a separate storage container?
AnythingsPossible 08:08 AM 05-22-2012
I have a hard time repeating from year to year. I have such long term families, that I feel like I have to change things up from year to year. If I repeated themes, they would be doing the same thing for nearly 3 years in a row. So I don't tend to store things, I find ideas on the internet and go with those, and start over again next year. Not effiecent, but I haven't found a better way for my group yet!
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