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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Do Any Of You Childcare Homes Use A Professional Curriculum?
GotKids 06:12 AM 07-02-2012
Such as those used by large centers? I was looking at two great programs today but each of them were over $2000. I have tried the ones created for daycares and I haven't liked them. I was hoping someone out there had tried some of the more professional ones like or to tell me if they are worth the expense.
Countrygal 07:29 AM 07-02-2012
I do, but they are Christian. If you are interested in the information let me know and I'll tell you about them. I absolutely love Ann Ward's.

I have also used Hooked on Phonics and Hooked on Math Preschool. They are nice, short, and easy to use. But very repetitious, which my dgs couldn't stand. These are more schooling curriculum, but are basically set up for K-4.

This looks sort of similar to what I use, but it's not quite as comprehensive, I don't think....

This is the one I use: This, however, is not as up-to-date and probably would not meet current standards as well as the one above might.
Truly Scrumptious 03:22 PM 07-02-2012
I (and the girls in my support group) have used Carol's Curriculum, High Reach Learning and FunShine Express. There were way to many crafts! I ended up making most of them instead of the kids. And it cost way to much.
So I came up with a themed curriculum and we all use it. It's very hands on and we do very little crafts.
The day care room is set up to extend teaching and the best part is.... IT'S FREE! Each of us go by the yearly themes listed and put our own spin on it.

It's simple and we love it.
KnoxMom 07:39 PM 01-19-2013
I would recommend checking your state's approved curricula for Kindergarten readiness before implementing expensive curriculum in your program. I will be using the High Scope Curriculum and my 2 and 3 year old son and daughter already love the activities. It does get pricey but you can purchase the book to understand the approach and find a lot of the supplements on ebay or amazon used. I am slowly buying the kits piece by piece as they offer specials on different products if you join the association. I was torn between High Scope and High Reach: both are great; however the elementary school near my home uses High Scope so I wanted to make sure my children would be used to the materials ahead of time. Check out and I wish you the best of luck!
CozyHome 09:33 PM 01-19-2013
I map out the whole year and mark my calendar at the beginning of the year for themes, craft weeks before holidays, special party days for birthdays and holidays. Then I update my website for the upcoming year for themes so the parents are aware and I also provide a quarterly newsletter which lists the themes, special party days and closed days, etc. Parents are always informed in many ways.

I take out books from the library for my themes, google for craft ideas, games, songs and plan my teaching days week by week in this manner. It doesn't cost me anything except for craft supplies. But I love teaching the children, no matter their age, year by year until they go to school. I know they have lots of little bits of knowledge from all of my themes all year every year that they can use as the basics for future learning.

I'm really proud of my daycare because I include a couple of crafting/learning days per week and the other 2 or 3 days we're outside playing for the entire mornings. My clients love my method.
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