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mainemomma 10:47 AM 08-02-2010
I have two girls in my care that right now that have severe diaper rash. Both have diareah and never have red bottoms so this is something new for them. One is 9 months, the other 14 months. Both parents asked me what I prefer, I like Triple Butt Paste, however its not sold anywhere near here. What do you guys like to use?

Aya477 11:02 AM 08-02-2010
My son had sensitive skin to runny BM and sounds like you described. Diaper rash creams only irritated his skin worse so I used Lanolin (the type you can find in the breastfeeding section). The next best thing to that was Aquafor.
melskids 11:12 AM 08-02-2010
i have the parents send what they want me to use. that being said, i have seen desitin, balmex, triple butt paste, and aquaphor. personally, i like the triple butt paste.
JenNJ 11:22 AM 08-02-2010
My daughter has very sensitive skin and Desitin (or the Target equivilent) worked best. When she was younger I used lanisoh.
tenderhearts 11:25 AM 08-02-2010
I usually put on desitin then put on a coat of bag balm to keep anything away from their skin. Works great. My now 4 yr old dcg used to always have bad diaper rashes and it always cleared them up quickly.
Former Teacher 06:49 PM 08-02-2010
When I worked in daycare, parents would bring in Destitin, Dr. Smith (works the best next to Desitin).One parent would bring in good ole fashioned corn starch.
ninosqueridos 07:34 PM 08-02-2010
my dcp's bring in whatever they prefer - most of them have ORIGINAL DESITIN (purple packaging).........that is the only thing that ever worked on my kids, too......good luck and poor girls....hope something works FAST!
mainemomma 04:49 AM 08-03-2010
Mom picked up some Desitin and some Bag should be here soon so I am hoping it helped overnight and her bottom is feeling better! Thanks girls
Unregistered 07:13 AM 08-03-2010
My son also had sensitive skin. All diaper rash creams would burn his little behind and he would scream worse than ever before. It was horrible! I found that bag balm works great. I have one mom who puts the Mary Kay night exfoliating cream from the satin hands collection and it clears it right up within the day! I will use that on my next baby for sure!
AmandasFCC 08:22 AM 08-03-2010
I like the Aveeno Diaper Rash cream. It's always cleared up dc kids and my own dd's diaper rash very quickly.
Lilbutterflie 11:10 AM 08-03-2010
I use the ORIGINAL Desitin, too (the purple) for sever diaper rashes. And when they have severe rashes I never use any kind of baby wipes, just cold wet washcloths (yes, you will go through them like crazy!). No matter what the type of baby wipes, I always found they really burn on bad diaper rashes.
emosks 11:30 AM 08-03-2010
We use Desitin and tell the parents if the prefer something else then they need to supply it. We have some that use Aveeno and Triple Butt Paste.
swaddlebees 02:49 PM 08-03-2010
BETTER BUTTER! love the stuff it is by northern essence (online only)
jenh171 06:26 PM 08-03-2010
One of my day care moms (a mother of four, btw!) told me that plain old corn starch (not the baby powder kind) clears it up right away. I had a "drop-in" baby here with very bad diaper rash. I used the plain corn starch on it and I swear, it was almost completely gone by the end of the day and totally gone by day two. I couldn't believe it!
Unregistered 02:14 AM 08-05-2010
Hi, I'm just looking in everyone's forum because I have decided to venture in opening a daycare myself. I have three children of my own. I saw your forum on diaper rash and I never had a problem until my third son was born. I don't believe he has sensitive skin but when he gets a rash it is something fierce. I have tried everything and I believe the best thing out there is Arbonne baby rash cream. It worked in less then a day and the rash was gone. It was so bad that I had to have him without a diaper until I bought this rash cream. Since this I have joined Arbonne and love their amazing products. If anyone needs a sample so you know what I'm talking about you can email me at

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