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Unregistered 10:10 AM 11-29-2013
What do you use as your emergency evacuation site?
sharlan 11:12 AM 11-29-2013
I list a local park about a mile away.
TwinKristi 11:46 AM 11-29-2013
My neighbor's house, my mom's house or the elementary school nearby. We have to have a close location, a far away location and a community location.
Meeko 11:57 AM 11-29-2013
Our local church
e.j. 06:22 PM 11-29-2013
The public school in town.
Cradle2crayons 07:48 PM 11-29-2013
Ours is my dad's house a mile away and the church gym a mile away.
MarinaVanessa 07:56 PM 11-29-2013
I have a few places. My aunt's house that's on my street, a grassy open area near my home, my MIL's house and a school about 10 minutes away.

I have a few because call me a prepper but I like to have a plan for all worst case scenarios. My aunts house is only if we have to evacuate because of something minor like our power, water or gas gets turned off or in case of the smell of gas in my home. The grassy area is just in case the building and surrounding area around my home is unsafe. My MIL's house is in case the whole neighborhood is unsafe and the school is in another city and is if we can get there in case of a bad disaster.
Leanna 09:06 PM 11-29-2013
Ours has to be someplace we can relocate immediately so I have a neighbor and a former DCK's grandparents that are a block away.
Lucy 09:42 PM 11-29-2013
I've never been told I have to pick one (??) I'm only required to post a map with exits pointed out. Where everybody goes beyond that, I don't know! Never thought that far into it! LOL
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