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hope 05:07 PM 06-16-2014
Do centers allow kids of any age to use binkies or is there an age cut off?
jenboo 05:12 PM 06-16-2014
Depends on the center. I worked at one that didn't allow them once the child was walking. I worked at another that didn't have a cut off age.
Shell 07:00 PM 06-16-2014
Everywhere I've ever worked had the parents stop packing binkies when they transitioned into the one year old room- non negotiable even with parents that insisted their child needed one.
daycare_jen 08:19 PM 06-16-2014
the center I worked at didn't encourage them past the one year old room. sometimes there were twos that still had them for nap. the ones were still allowed even during non-nap times. it really depends on the center.
pandamom 12:56 AM 06-17-2014
I work in a NAEYC accredited center. Infants (12 months and younger) are allowed all day. Once they move to pre-toddler (12-24 months) they are only allowed binkies during nap.

I work in a toddler room (2-3 years) and we're supposed to let them have a binky only at nap. I had a girl who started daycare at 2 years old and was used to having binky all day. Her front teeth were even curving from the shape of the binky! We let her have her binky for the 1st month during nap until she got used to the environment and felt safe/comfortable and then had her go cold turkey. It took a week and then she easily went down without it.

However once she saw mom come to pick her up, she "HAD" to have her binky haha. Yet right at drop off, she'd take her binky out of her mouth and hand it to myself or one of the other caregivers so she could go and play
hope 02:27 PM 06-17-2014
Op here. I was asking g because I have a dcg that I have been having a lot of issues with lately. One of which is the binkie. I cut her off the Binkie months ago and I know her parents are letting g her have it at home but telling me they are not. Dcd has slipped up a few times and many morning dcg comes in with ring around the mouth. This family had interviewed with every hdc in my area and will probably chose to go to a day are center if I term or they term. I was just curious if centers allowed the Binkie because I can see them debating the issue with me.
Surprisingly dcm marched her child in today with binkie!!!! She said she gave up the fight. Normally, my house, my business, you follow my rules which is no binkie after turning one. But I can't afford to lose her for another month. I'll put up with dcm trying to make her own rules for 4 more weeks n then I am done. And in the meantime dcg will hand over the Binkie at arrival and she can have it back at pick up. If she cries for it I will call for pick up.
missy 05:23 AM 06-18-2014
Typically centers "fix" those dependencies in time:-)
Febby 04:48 PM 06-18-2014
Originally Posted by missy:
Typically centers "fix" those dependencies in time:-)

At my center, we allow them at all times for infants and only during nap for toddlers. 2-4 year olds can only have them during nap time and only if we have a plan to wean them off within a month. And since most of my parents can't be bothered to coordinate a plan with me, I usually just have them go cold turkey. Makes it a pain to get them to sleep for about a week and then we're good.

We don't allow them for school age kids at all.
Rachel 10:45 PM 06-21-2014
Around here you see kids bringing them even to pre-k (3+). Usually just in the first month of school or so. There is nothing magic about a child turning 1. I don't give it to my kids when they are not sleeping unless the child really needs. As they get older, they can rest with the binky but not move around with it. They are more interested in playing, so they give them up naturally.
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