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Unregistered 01:53 PM 01-05-2015
Should a 2 almost 3 month old be eating? Right now she does 2 oz every 2hrs tips on how to get her on a schedule??? Thanks for your help
Unregistered 03:22 PM 01-05-2015
I'd say 4-6 oz every 3-4 hours. I've had a few infants who ate less than that. Look up USDA guidelines
nannyde 04:55 PM 01-05-2015
She is normal in my experience. Two ounces every two hours is about right. She may bump up to three here shortly.
TwinKristi 05:26 PM 01-05-2015
I have a baby who eats 4oz every 2hrs and one who eats 2oz every 2hrs. Every baby is different but they say 1oz/hr on average. I also have then leave a days worth in the freezer if they can.
Sugaree 12:41 PM 01-06-2015
2 oz every two hours seems like a regular schedule to me. I would send in six 2.5 oz bottles and two 1 oz bottles every day and I'd usually get a few back at the end of the day. He'd eat one big bottle every two hours and if he was still hungry he'd be topped up with a 1 oz bottle. It was very rare that he'd eat both 1 oz bottles. He kept that schedule until he was six months old and then he started solid foods and we decreased to 4 big bottles and 2 small bottles a day. So I wouldn't neccessarily count on a breastfed baby ever increasing the amount they eat. The milk changes as the child gets older.
earlystart 03:40 PM 01-06-2015
Do you mean tips on getting her on an eating schedule? Looks like she's already on her own schedule, which sounds normal to me (that's what my son did for the longest time, he had a bit of GERD problems, so the smaller portion worked better). If you mean tips on getting her on the daycare/nap schedule, I have no idea sorry I've only cared for one infant and she just did her own thing, and with my own son I also let him do his own thing and followed his cues.
Ariana 06:00 PM 01-06-2015
A great resource for breastfed babies
mamamanda 07:41 PM 01-07-2015
My lactation consultant says the rule of thumb is an ounce for each hour. Every 2 hours is about right for a baby that age. Their tummy's are small and breast.ilk digests much quicker than formula so they are hungry sooner. Frustrating for you I know, but so much better for baby's digestive system.
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