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awestbrook713 10:35 AM 10-25-2011
I have a dcm I had to pretty much tell you pay the regular rate for the new infant or find new care. I watch her daughter by her first husband and bent on my rate because she asked if she could pay hourly. I said yes because I was new to this and thought maybe dad wasn't helping. New dcb has mom and dad in the picture and during the sit down with mom about the dcb rate I found out dcd of the daughter does help, needless to say I wasn't happy and felt I was taken advantage of because apparently her children aren't worth paying as much for as hair and makeup.

The dcb is scheduled for tue. and fri and dcg tue. I just found out today from my sister dcm is probably gonna need me for wed. for the dcg and I honestly don't want to give her another day since she is my lowest payer, and I have another mom interested in the 3 days she isn't coming (not a sure thing but still would like to have the opportunity to fill the day with a full rate payer). What would you do, tell her to find alternative care for that day? It should only be 1 or 2 hours.

I am changing my rates in january and I'm thinking this might be a family that will just leave because they don't want to pay what I am asking. I just sent out the letters today so guess I will wait and see, still have a few weeks until her maternity leave is over.
laundrymom 10:37 AM 10-25-2011
Sorry Sara, I don't have room that day for sandy.
cheerfuldom 10:38 AM 10-25-2011
Change your policy on her right now. Why wait for several more months? Include what you require for advanced notice of any change in the schedule. I require my part timers to provide a schedule one month in advance. I would never take a child for one or two hours, here and there. change the situation right now and get families that work with what you can provide
awestbrook713 10:53 AM 10-25-2011
I agree I have been flip flopping about terming this family for a while, its just the new baby's daddy is my cousin so its family and makes this that much harder. I honestly will be surprised if I don't here from mom in the next few days because I am charging a weekly rate and she will have to pay whether the kids are here or not and I had an issue with her not wanting to pay my full day rate for the baby just because it was only a half hour over the full day amount of hours and I had to tell her I have parents that show up 10 minutes after 4 hours and they still have to pay the full day rate. I need to just term but keep hoping for the easy way out I know thats spineless of me. Still growing my backbone
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