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Old 08-10-2011, 07:28 AM
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Default Another facebook question...Business Only Page

So after reading the other thread I'm thinking about creating a personal page for my childcare only. Like the other poster I had a new client dcd "friend request" me right after the interview before their child has even started. It definitely made me a little uncomfortable.

So for those that started a personal page just for families and daycare news do you post the menu and curriculum topics? Do you do it just as a status update?

Once you activated the page did you direct dc families to that site and then remove them from your personal one or did you keep them on both pages? I'd love to just have them over on the "business" page (with the exception of a few I'm much closer with) but don't know if that would be rude to remove them from my personal page.

What have others done??
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Old 08-10-2011, 08:17 AM
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I'd love all the answers to this too!!

Right now I have a personal page for myself - that has 1 current and a few previous daycare families on it. I hate to delete them from that, esp. the ones who have left as now they are kind of just "friends/aquaintances" - its nice to have people in town on my list.

I created a business page linked to my personal account. But I do not like that anyone can "like" it and it is public, can't make photo albums private, can't invite non-personal page friends to join, etc. I do not use it as anything more than a general update on my daycare - kind of like my website - I know its avail for anyone to see so what I post is limited. I like that I can have slash daycare name as the URL.

I also created a GROUP - was going to add only daycare families to that but the format on FB kind of stinks on that. You can post pics but can't make albums, etc. So I basically haven't even touched it.

Then yesterday after reading here I went and played around with dashes and stuff and finally got a personal page in my daycare name (have tried in the past but it won't recognize the name). My intention was to use this page ONLY for current daycare families - will post more pictures on this page, status updates during the day (at nap time since that is when I can get some computer time in), etc.

So I have 4 different FB "functions" going on - 1 for me, 3 for daycare, LOL!!!! I don't want to delete the current dcf from my personal friends list, I've known them for 11 years, our kids go to school together, etc. so they are more than just a daycare family but it does limit what I can say on FB. I won't add any others though - I think I am going to start directing them the account I created yesterday.

Confusing enough for you????
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Old 08-10-2011, 11:23 AM
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I have a personal FB and a business FB. I have NEVER had any of my clients on my personal page, nor would I. I'd hate for someone to be offended because I posted, "Happy Friday...yep, it'll be super happy in another hour when I have a Bud Light in my right hand!"

I have never had any clients send me a friend request to my personal FB. Once they are clients, I tell them that I have a business FB page that they can send a friend request to and there they will get updates throughout the week on what we are doing, what we have done, upcoming events, etc. I also post my menu on there and all my newsletters now come in the form of an email and I also have these listed on the FB page.

I keep both my personal and business accounts set private. This way no one can see your status updates and no one can see the pictures unless YOU allow them to. This way if you are ranting and raving and drop the "f" bomb, you don't have to worry about clients freaking out and if can keep the business page "G" rated.

I also set up a "group" page and I don't mind that anyone can "like" it. I don't do much with it and I don't add any pictures.
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