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Old 09-25-2017, 04:15 PM
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Default My Toddlers

The group is pretty good, overall. There are a few who just egg each other on. When one of them is out, things are calm. But have all 3 and it's like a boxing match. Pushing, grabbing, hitting. You name it. They are 17 months old. I try to keep them busy so they don't have time to start up, or keep them separated. I also read the hitting hurts book to all of the class, reiterate gentle hands, ignore the perpetrator and comfort the hurt one, etc. Am I missing anything ? They sleep well and have outside time everyday and eat well. They all actively participate in activities ( as much as they can at this age ) I guess I need some new tricks in my bag. I'm a center teacher, so I can't change naps or send them home.
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Old 09-25-2017, 06:40 PM
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do you have toys to push? My kids (who were 12 months to 20) loved to push toys around. Separate areas to play in. Not alowed to be together, Unless they can play nice. I had one little boy who would tell me "Miss Jenny X is in my area!!"
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Old 09-26-2017, 03:04 AM
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This age can be such a delight(I love toddlers!) but it's also very challenging because they can be physical and don't truly realize they're capable of hurting someone. Do you have more physical activities they can do inside, such as small slides, building with big soft blocks, small hopping balls, anything that takes more large muscle use? You could also try to teach them alternative ways of connecting with others until their speech develops better, such as high-fives, waving and saying hi.
Are they doing these things because they want to communicate, want attention or are getting angry?
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Old 09-26-2017, 03:06 AM
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Also another thought, look at your environment and see if there is anything that can be changed around to help.
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Old 09-26-2017, 11:41 AM
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My toddlers are currently OBSESSED with tossing bean bags. I bought colored pumpkins to match and they were good for an HOUR this morning with them. Until the older toddler ran off with the buckets (yes, all of them)

Outside, they get LOTS of big muscle work. I gave them gallon jugs to fill in the water table, a wagon to pull them, rakes, etc.
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aggressive behavior, toddlers

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