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Old 01-10-2013, 10:11 PM
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Default PT At Daycare, Not At Home?

Does it ever work for a child to be PT at daycare and not at home? This is the first time I've really worked with children at PT-ing age, I've either had children already in underwear at the preschool age, or toddlers who are not ready yet.

DCG (almost 3) is supposed to be coming in with underwear tomorrow. She stays dry all day, asks to use the bathroom and goes, can pull her pants up and down by herself. At daycare. At home she shows little to no interest.
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Old 01-10-2013, 11:59 PM
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Smile Positive re-enforcement

Since she is showing an interest when she is at daycare I would try to encourage that and then try to encourage the parents to get her more interested in it at home maybe some possitive re-inforcement like:
"You are becomming a big girl by using the potty"
"I like it when you use the potty because it means you are growing up"
"big kids use the potty at school and at home"
"I know mommy/daddy would love to see you use the potty at home, will you try at home for mommy/daddy tonight?"

Maybe see about reading a potty training book or recommending one to the parents and have them set up a potty schedual- every so often; like every 45 minutes to an hour- if that is what she does at daycare

I would not suggest giving treats because it is something they need to learn to do without being bribed and there is a possibility that when you stop giving treats that they may regress and start holding it in and possibily having accidents until they are promised a treat. Potty training is sometimes used as a power struggle by toddlers. So I would stick to verbal praises and high fives.
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Old 01-11-2013, 02:59 AM
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In the past I have potty trained children who showed interest here but parents were not doing anything at home (or even dropping hints they wanted the child pt). In one case the child was 3 and had every single readiness sign, I was pregnant and tired of changing a "big kids" diapers. She was a smart kid and within a week knew the gig was up and was pt'd here.

My policy says that I do not potty train as it's the parents responsibility and that mostly works to get parents to stop hinting to me that their 18 month old should be potty trained... But if I see a kid who is truly ready then I just go for it - I figure it's only a week and it's so much easier when it's done.

It comes down to if it's convenient for ME/the group.
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part time

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