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Old 11-20-2020, 11:40 AM
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Question Adjusting to Daycare Schedule

How to help parent understand daycare and home are two different things? 16 month old siblings are not adjusting well. Parents wants things done as they were at home. This is group care I have 9-12 kids to care for besides her two. Sorry their at home schedule wonít work here itís so different from ours.

They seem to have a lot of needs. They need dark room no lullaby music which is what I play at nap time. They use a white noise machine with storm sounds. She still wants two naps a day but then complain last they donít sleep through the night.

Mom only wants them to have milk at breakfast and Lunch and water at snacks. They wonít drink water for me. Mom says because they dont drink tap water they drink filtered water at home. The straw cups they use are so hard to clean she wanted to bring me 4 cups so they had one for milk and one for water.

Every conversation is well at home they do .... lady look around this isnít home itís daycare. She said sheíd write out their schedule for me that might help.

Ugh people only set their kids up to fail in daycare when they donít get them ready to be away from their parents.

I think they need a nanny. Iím their second daycare.

What to say to the parent to make them understand they need to be on daycares schedule?
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Old 11-20-2020, 11:48 AM
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If your program does not work for them, they need to find one that does. It isn't complicated. "Sorry Jane, that is not going to work for me." Each and every time.

What parents do at home has absolutely no bearing on what I do here. I don't need them to change their routine and I won't change mine.

Now, the milk for meals and water for snacks is required here, by state law, so that is pretty easy to accommodate. Water also must be available all day, so 4 cups would also be the norm.
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Old 11-20-2020, 02:30 PM
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Have you tried explaining to her that daycare is a different environment and that this is group care, not individualized care?

Some people need things to be told to them in order for them to understand. I had a dcm who kept showing up late to pick up her kid like it wasn't a big deal. I had to explain to her that I'm very strict on that policy because my day is not done when the last kid goes home and that my own family is waiting for me. It was like it didn't click with her until I told her bluntly and made her understand that I have a life outside of daycare.

If you want to keep this family, then I would try that first. I would bluntly let her know that this is group care and you do what works for YOU and your group. If she wants more customized care, then she should look for a nanny. I would tell her that, too.

I'll also add that kids tend to act way different in daycare than they do at home. At least in my experience. Several times I've had parents tell me "dck doesn't do that for me at home!" That's because they know my rules and our schedule and know that I expect them to be followed. I also tell them "no", something that parents have a hard time with these days
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anemia, failure to thrive, group care, group care vs nanny care, milk requirements

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