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mema 05:11 PM 08-23-2011
I'm looking for something different to hold my art supplies. Right now I have a cabinet that has three shelves with doors on it. It never seems to stay organized. I also have a small 3 drawer plastic thing that holds crayons, markers, pencils, etc. I want something that maybe separates out the construction paper, color books, tissue paper etc. Any ideas?
Michael 06:25 PM 08-23-2011
Some storage threads that could help:
AmandasFCC 06:34 PM 08-23-2011
I have bins separating each type of item ... like one for crayons, one for markers, one for paints, 3 for stickers (apparently I'm a sticker junkie lol).... you get the idea. They stay organized for the most part. I have them all on the bottom shelf of a storage unit + 2 long shelves lining the back wall of my office. It's organized chaos, but it works for me lol.
Crazy8 08:58 PM 08-23-2011
just today I noticed some old pics I had in photobucket and this was one of them. This was a cabinet I had in my laundry room in my old house - it was right off the playroom and so easy to get to. Now I don't have this kind of space, makes me sad to remember it!!

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