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Lyss 02:07 PM 05-30-2012
I'm wondering if you have a different contract for your drop in or temporary children?

I thinking of adding an additional child whose parents I met with recently. it would be FT, just on a temporary basis as she's currently on the waiting list for a local private bilingual preschool center and they have said they expect a 1 to 3 month wait. i have a child on summer break (teacher's child) so this child would fill that spot over the break.

Do you just modify your current contract? the only issue is that they do not know exactly when the end would be, the school will give them about a week to 2 weeks notice prior of start date. I have a pretty good contract, but there's a lot i would need to edit so I'm wondering if it's easier to just make a quick drop in contract? what do you think? any advice on a drop in contract?
Blackcat31 02:39 PM 05-30-2012
I use the same contract for ALL families as I expect my full time, part time and drop in families all follow the same rules so I use the same contract.

I get what you are getting at though and I might consider revising my current contract since they are temporary but I guess I wouldn't put that much effort into it as ALL families have the possibilty of being temporary so if they are going to be able to give you the 2 week notice that you require, I would just do the same for this family as any family.
MarinaVanessa 05:18 PM 05-30-2012
I use the same policy handbook but my drop-in clients pay in advance for each day so my drop-in clients get a different contract.

That being said I agree with blackcat that, in essence, these clients will be full-time but you know in advance that they will only be short-term clients. For this reason I would give them a regular full-time contract to sign and talk to them about the two week notice.

You already know that they'll be temporary and since you already know and seem okay with whatever notice that Preschool will give them then they can just give you notice as soon as they hear from the school. If you have a two-week notice clause in your contract maybe you can change it to at least one-week notice. When they hear from the school then they can give you their one week notice (or more) in writing just as usual.
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