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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Ever Applied For A Variance?
Josiegirl 11:32 AM 05-24-2014
I guess we're allowed to apply for a summer variance if there are school aged kids that need to come back(as long as we've had them right along) if it'll put us over numbers. So say we're allowed 6 FT, we can ask to be allowed 4 more FT. I just learned this the other day and have already told 2 dcfs I could not take them back this summer. Well, now I've learned I can take one of the families back(they both have 2 sibs). They're both long time dcfs.

How do you choose like that? What makes it worse is within the 2 families, there are 3 10-11 yo girls and they all text each other all the time. So no matter which family I choose, the other one is going to know. Both wonderful families and I love all the kids. Though there is a 7 yo dcb who can be a handful and his 10 yo ds who gets bored easily. The other family has 2 dd, 10 and 11 who are wonderful little mother's helpers.

I know which one I'd prefer but how do I fight the feelings of guilt? Especially after this family said they understood, and if there was ever anything I needed, to just call, cause I'm like family to them.

Ugh. Maybe I won't take any of them back. But I really need the extra money. Any advice to this dilemma? I know business is business but I'm not always very good separating the 2.