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Preschool/daycare teacher 09:22 AM 11-19-2015
I have been getting a lot more interest in the drop in care that I provide (mainly stay at home moms who need a day to get things done, or "as needed" employees), and my current policy on it was more agreed on verbally (no problems yet), along with regular policies being in writing, but I'm needing to add it to my policies so it's in writing. I was working on it last night, but I can't seem to write it down in a way that makes sense and isn't clunky sounding. I require parents to let me know at least by the day before they need care (I don't want to be woken up at 5 am with a parent asking if I'll provide care that day). I also require them to pay at the time of drop off. How can I enforce that they pay even if they cancel last minute (since I held that spot for them for that specific day that someone else could have used). I don't think I'd get anywhere asking them to pay in advance since some of the drop in families don't even live in my town and wouldn't have a chance to bring it by before they needed the care. Or can I enforce that with drop in families? I'm just afraid of getting a family who calls a week ahead, schedules a day for drop in care, other parents call later and need that day also and I have to say no because I'm already full, and then that morning the family who scheduled care doesn't show up after all. I also want to explain somehow that the sooner they let me know which day they need care, the better chance of me having availability that day. Once I'm full I plan to keep one spot open every week for the occasional drop in, so if two families needed drop in care for the same day, I wouldn't be able to.
Michael 09:41 AM 11-19-2015
Here are some threads on Drop In Care Contracts:
MarinaVanessa 11:40 AM 11-19-2015
I have a contract for drop-in clients that covers what a drop-in client is, the benefits (pay-as-you-go), the cons (not guaranteed), how to reserve, rescheduling, canceling a reservation etc. Also I mention that drop-in clients have to follow my regular policies just like my full/part-time clients do (illness, forms, etc.). I've attached them below.

I also have my drop-in policies in my handbook.

I think it's great that you are thinking about getting it in writing now before you have issues
Attached: 01 Contract Agreement Drop In 2015.pdf (172.1 KB) 
Controlled Chaos 01:04 PM 11-19-2015
How I do drop ins -

All of them fill out admission form and medical release for licensing plus my contract with drop in rates, daily walk/field trip permission, photo release, and the contract binds them to the handbook.

I email families at the beginning of each month, letting them know what I have available and its first come first serve. I usually have them filled within a few days. I don't have parents pay to reserve - I probably should - but if they no showed they would be taken off the list and they know that, parents pay at drop off.

It has worked well. I am actually going to have no drop in spots as of January and I am kinda sad, I liked a little diversity and extra cash
Ariana 01:20 PM 11-19-2015
I would personally ask for a deposit covering 3 days of care to be paid upfront on the first day. That money will then be applied to any cancellations that came in without 12 hour notice. After the 3rd scheduled no show contract is terminated and you will no longer provide drop in care for that family. At any time the parent chooses to stop sending their child for the drop in or the caregiver chooses to end service the money will be refunded.
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