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juliebug 11:23 AM 03-12-2013
So i have a lots of parents changing jobs, and work schedules. Any way i have had 2 parents ask me to open early. my hours are 7am-5:30pm. both need 15 min to 30 min early i said that i am willing to do it but would charge a $5 a day fee to open early so an extra $25 a week. I also let them know if they need to make other accommodations to let me know. Now i just wait to see what they say. i know the one family will pay because they just need it for 1 week. but not sure of the other.

Me i am just happy to have tried to help but at the same time be compensated for it too!
EntropyControlSpecialist 11:26 AM 03-12-2013

ABCDaycareMN 11:34 AM 03-12-2013

akpayne 11:34 AM 03-12-2013
good for you! you should be compensated for opening earlier
MarinaVanessa 11:45 AM 03-12-2013
Good for you!! That's awesome!! Lots of backbone using this week ladies, let's keep it up!!!
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