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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Has Anyone Ever Applied For A Small Business Grant?
mrsp'slilpeeps 11:06 AM 03-25-2013
I just applied for one to expand/finish my basement so It is safer for the kids and looks better so that I can charge more for new clients because it will look 10 times better. Its half finished, Half walls to keep the kids from running in and out of the framing.
Right now its tuck tape, insulation, poly plastic, open walls and ceilings, I'm embarassed and am fortunate to have families that don't care, but they are all out growing me and so has the money.
I need it to look better for new families, but we can not afford to finish it with our own money.

What do you think?
Heidi 11:35 AM 03-25-2013
There are no grant available in our state for that sort of thing. I'm glad you have that option! I agree that you will probably get more customers if you have a nice set up.
originalkat 02:43 PM 03-25-2013
I do not know of any grant money for that in my state either. I am in the planning process of adding a separate entrance, new sidewalk, moving my outdoor play area so it is attached to daycare room, and re-doing my daycare space. I am soooo excited. But I am waiting on funds to get the project going. Although my current set-up is nice enough, I think this re-do will help attract new clients more easily and help my days run more smoothly.

Good luck on your project!
Lucy 08:59 PM 03-25-2013
How does one find and apply for an available grant?
MsLaura529 05:59 AM 03-26-2013
Good luck! That sounds like a fun project to be working on
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