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Curriculum>What To Teach If Opening In Feb?
ymalayeva 07:48 PM 12-25-2011
Hello All,

I will be opening my daycare in Feb. I am a bit worried about what should I start teaching the children? Should I start with letters A, B and number 1,2? But if I do that, what will I do in Sept? Start all over again with the same kids?
Please help! Thanks!!!!
melskids 04:16 AM 12-26-2011
It's going to take a bit for you to get a good solid routine down, and some time getting to know your kiddos personalities and temperments, until your day runs pretty smoothly.

I would focus on that first, before jumping in with two feet trying to formally teach anything. If not, you're going to stress yourself out and drive yourself crazy.

I'm pretty set in my ways, and even now, every time a new child starts, it throws us off schedule for a little bit.

Welcome to the forum, BTW! I'm from NY too!
ymalayeva 07:36 PM 12-28-2011
Thanks for the response! Where about in NY?
melskids 03:11 AM 12-29-2011
I'm in Otsego County, just outside of Cooperstown. Where about are you?

Also, As far as teaching letters and numbers, I tend to teach them as a whole, through hands on activites, and everything we do, rather then picking certain letters and numbers each week to teach.

So, we might talk about the letters in our name, or in a sign we see along our walk, or the shapes of objects we use, colors of everything we see, that sort of thing.

Check out this site....she has awesome ideas....

And these two books. They are really good...
Abigail 01:30 AM 12-30-2011
I'm just starting now in January with a few young ones and I don't plan on doing anything formal until September. I will focus more on the letters in their names. One has a very long name, so that will be interesting! Another only has 2 letters in their name......sounds like fun.
ymalayeva 04:04 PM 12-31-2011
I am Queens, Forest Hills area. Thanks for all the tips, I guess I will focus on routines and a few letters. Thanks again!
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