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Soupyszoo 01:27 PM 03-01-2012
I have a new little guy that started a couple weeks ago. When dcm drops him off she usually brings her 4 yo on their way to his school. When the older brother comes in he immediately starts running around, playing with all my dck's toys, kicking the balls etc... Yesterday he was walking with his shoes (I hate shoes on my carpets) on, in my baby zone where all the babies roll around and play! [i] had to ask him to sit because kids were napping and that I don't want him to step on toys and blankets and stuff. Today when she dropped off he did the same thing, except this time as they were leaving I noticed him putting something in his pocket. I asked him what was in his pocket and he said nothing. I said let me see. He had one of my little toys from the toddlers room and was going to take it!

My question is... Besides having to tell him not to run around and steal things constantly, how do you all keep stuff like this from happening? How do you keep people and their nasty shoes out of your daycare area? I thought about a gate at the entry way? Or a sign?
CheekyChick 01:30 PM 03-01-2012
I would put a large mat in the entry area and ask the little boy to stand on the mat while he's waiting for his brother or sister. Tell him (in front of his mom) that shoes aren't allowed inside because the dirt from shoes can make the babies sick.
Blackcat31 01:33 PM 03-01-2012
I tell my parents that my insurance (as well as myself) does NOT allow for anyone other than the enrolled child and their immediate parent to be in my home or on my property (this doesn't count being in the vehicle).

Older sibs can either get dropped off at school first or they can wait nicely in the car.

If they are old enough to be in school, they are old enough to wit quietly in the car and if they can't then I would suggest to mom that the older one be dropped off first.
bunnyslippers 01:33 PM 03-01-2012
I am curious about the responses to this one! I have a similar problem (with a family that I have already posted about). The older sibling comes in and is loud, stomps her feet, even uses my off-limits bathroom. I have spoken to the mom, but it just keeps happening. I have a gate at the entryway to my playroom that keeps her out. The problem is, she has to walk through a hallway in my home to get to the playroom, and that is when she wreaks havoc.

Once, her mom let her and her 2 year old brother in and went back to the car. The sister opened the door to my basement classroom stairwell. I didn't even know they had entered my house until the 2 year old fell headfirst down the entire flight of stairs!

I can commiserate, but don't have much advice. I have tried the nice route, the firm route, the letter route...maybe I should try the term route next!
daycare 01:38 PM 03-01-2012
Per licensing, State and insurance, all children on the daycare premises will count towards capacity. Children that are not enrolled in the Daycare (siblings, friends or other family) will not be permitted to play on the premises at any time. The *** DC will not be responsible for children not enrolled. When dropping off or picking up, you must stay with your non enrolled child at all times. Should you need to talk with the provider for an extended period of time, please schedule an appointment to talk at a later time. Please be aware that The *** DC does not cater to infants and therefore do not provide an infant safe environment. This rule does not apply to Parents night out events.
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