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Heidi 12:41 PM 12-12-2011
sorry I can't take pics...where o where is my camera?

we made salt dough hand prints, dried them in oven (200 degrees 2 hours plus a couple days air dry). Then I painted the hands each child's "color" (everyone has a color assigned for labels, cups, plates). A ribbon to hang them (I remembered wholes before I dried them). So cute!

Tommorow we are making "ginger bread" houses out of graham crackers. I will pre-make them for the toddlers, then let them decorate the houses with candy, etc. Then I'll send them home all sugared up, because I am sure they will eat more than they put on the houses!

I also "scored" a Santa for our party. He charges whatever you want to donate to the local food pantry! Let's see how they react...
kidkair 12:48 PM 12-12-2011
I've done salt dough hand prints for a couple years. This year I have a kid who needs a gluten free environment so we make cinnamon applesauce dough instead. They warped a tiny bit but still look great. The parents love the hand prints every year and one even double checked that we would be doing them again this year.
MichellesKiddos 01:41 PM 12-12-2011
How fun! I love doing special projects like that with the kids at this time of the year! Last year we did the salt dough handprints and all my parents loved them! This year I was crazy enough to tackle the handprint calendar for each child..I almost have all of them done though!
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