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MrsSteinel'sHouse 11:38 AM 03-18-2014
Anyone super organized and rotate their activities like every three years or something or every two? I was just looking back over old pictures and thought wow, 3 years ago I did what was in my brain to do this month. Some activities I do every year because the kids love them but maybe I need a bigger plan. I have been trying to do more "child led" and that is great when I see an interest I can develop but sometimes I need to initiate ideas too.
I tend to do certain themes.
Maybe once my dd is no longer in need of a bedroom I can organize all my "stuff" in there. I am just feeling like I haven't been very "clever" lately on what we are doing. I haven't even been doing sensory bins. <gasp> and crafty things only a couple of times a week. (they have been cooperatively coloring and playing play doh a lot though) They have been playing brilliantly and I don't want to loose that either.
Ok ideas... suggestions... discussions...
EntropyControlSpecialist 04:23 PM 03-18-2014
I was thinking the same thing this week.
I need to put my ideas more together.

As it is right now, I have little folders by theme in a "Lesson Plan" folder on my computer that i go to. It has song ideas, facts for the white board, word wall words, pasted photos of craft ideas, etc.

I have somewhere around 30ish plastic bins with thematic books in them and such and my toys and sensory bin things are out of control on 4 bookcases in the garage.
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