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Unregistered 11:07 AM 12-26-2010
I run a daycare from my mothers home. I pay half of the mortgage and all of the utilities. My mother has nothing to do with the daycare and does not claim anything on her taxes for daycare or take it as we pay her rent. My question is can I write off the space, half of mortgage and utilities on my taxes or should I just take the standard deduction?
Thank you
Michael 02:19 PM 12-26-2010
Not sure on this but if you have a BDA or LLC you should be able to claim time/space %. Here are a few more links that might help:
TomCopeland 08:34 AM 12-30-2010
You can deduct the rent you pay and the business portion of the utilities as long as your name is on the utility bills. It's not clear by your question if you are paying rent and the mortgage? Please clarify.

There is no standard deduction that you can claim for expenses associated with the home.
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