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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>4y.o. and 9 Bags of POT!
Crystal 05:28 PM 01-26-2012

Wow, just wow!
familyschoolcare 05:30 PM 01-26-2012
alright not to sound stupid. But how can you tell that the pot is wrapped for sell.
Crystal 05:34 PM 01-26-2012
If it is small bags, it is probably for sale. People who have it for personal use don't typically separate it into small bags.
familyschoolcare 05:42 PM 01-26-2012
oh, that makes sense.
Meyou 02:26 AM 01-27-2012
Someone taught him to do that. Maybe not on purpose but what a horrible environment for a child.
Cat Herder 05:12 AM 01-27-2012
Our politicians and law enforcement always refer to the lax drug laws, obvious GLARING loopholes and weak enforcement there (California) as examples of what can and will happen if we don't support strong legislation.

Maybe this will help put the spotlight back on the main issue.
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