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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Is It Worth Getting A Legal Business Name?
284878 08:28 PM 08-21-2015
I won a Star program contest. They sent me my check in my Day Care name and not my name.
My credit union will not cash it because, my Day Care name is not a legal name on my account. My licensing case worker told me that I could have a Unofficial day care name put on my registration, so I did.
Anyways, until now, I never had a reason to make it legal or research how.
I called my QRIS rep and left a message. I called and pleaded with my credit union but they would not budge.

So what are the Pros and Cons if I need to get a DBA certificate?

When I choose my name, I did not find any local DC with the name, Could I get denied, if some does have it?
Michael 10:48 PM 08-21-2015
Tom Copeland thinks its a good idea to get a DBA:
momofapreschooler 02:06 AM 08-22-2015
Can you sign it as your name doing business as, or take the check and any paperwork you have from licensing or elsewhere to the bank that the check is drawn on?
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