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Unregistered 07:41 AM 07-30-2020
Is your state doing inspections during covid?

Mine is. I need a nice firm way to tell my inspector she's not coming in my house at this time. My provider friend told her no she didn't feel comfortable with her coming in the house and the inspector came anyway.

The food program is only doing video inspections as well as our child care resource and referral visits are video calls only so i don't know why the inspector thinks she should be out going through providers homes.

Our inspector does the whole county not just our town. What's a nice firm way to let her know she's not coming in my home at this time???
Blackcat31 07:49 AM 07-30-2020
In my state if I am open for business I legally can not deny my inspector entrance.

Thankfully, my state is smart enough suspend in home inspections and are limiting contact between in-home providers and their licensors.

If you are unable to deny entrance, I would require full mask, gloves etc be worn while in your home.

I would contact your licensing department and ask what your legal options are.
springv 07:52 AM 07-30-2020
What state are you in?
Cat Herder 07:53 AM 07-30-2020
It is not legal to refuse them entry if children are in the home. If you are open, you must let them in.

Mine did a half virtual (zoom), half digital (scan and upload all documents, time consuming) inspection. Although it went much easier than I expected, a physical visit would have saved a lot of time and effort.
Unregistered 08:01 AM 07-30-2020
I'm located in western Iowa.
Annalee 10:01 AM 07-30-2020
Virtual visits begin here next week.
MyAngels 03:39 PM 07-30-2020
Illinois is allowing home visits. I had mine and it went fine. She was very mindful of social distancing and did not even do a walk through, just the paperwork.
Unregistered 07:52 AM 07-31-2020
Can't really deny an inspection from state. Ours was a safety/compliance inspection. Many times, things are uncovered during inspections that could be a hazard; or in a few cases in our area, shady business. Not to say OP is being shady, I totally get wanting to social distance, but if the inspectors get lazy, the ones who ARE being shady, will continue to get away with things and that can compromise the safety and integrity of child care. State inspections of Child Care, Elder Care, electrical, water and sanitation, installations, etc. are ESSENTIAL and cannot really be forgone. Even a ZOOM or SKYPE does not take the place of an in-person inspection. You can make them wear sterile booties, PPE, masks before entry, however. "I understand I must have this inspection, but I am requiring, for safety purposes, all whom must enter my home, please wear protective gear, to include booties, gloves, masks. Thanks"

I would ABSOLUTELY require that, with OR without Covid. Why? A friend had an inspection for her cattery, and the person did not wear the booties. All her kittens died after contracting some OTHER virus (not coronavirus) from the visitation. Remember that could happen ANYWAY, in that kind of situation, so booties should have always been required. That inspector should have known going in/out of people's homes that there are unknown diseases that she brought with her on her shoes/clothing. (She goes from home/business to home/business from 8am-5pm). I would absolutely require this of anyone entering my child care, and if I had the option, would even provide them.
Gemma 11:38 AM 07-31-2020
My State is doing in person inspections.
If we are open we must let them in. We're advised to wear masks and keep our distance, but we must let them enter the building and do their jobs
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