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Mariposa 06:50 PM 08-18-2020
They rolled out the schedule today with my district.
8:40a-230p, mix of live Zooms with class and teacher, group projects.

Uh...NOPE. People complained that 2 hours of work at your leisure was too tough, so this sounds like people should not have complained.

As a provider I cannot accommodate at all. There goes my 2 hours of help plan.

As a provider this will affect my job more.

As a parent I cannot do this, either. My daughter is not going to, either.

Luckily I already have home school figured out. All activities (free at teacherspayteachers) following my weekly themes and already created childcare activities will suffice.

No bueno!
Blackcat31 07:54 PM 08-18-2020
Never been more glad I don’t take school aged kids than this year...

Here, once they reach kindy age I’m done.
I enroll 6 months to kindy
Full time rate only
Infants under 12 months are accepted only if born into current family.
Otherwise age 2 to kindy only.
12 kids max.

What school does doesn’t impact me.

I’m sorry you’re dealing with a less than ideal situation

Mariposa 10:21 PM 08-18-2020
Unless I am given $ to buy the house nextdoor that is for rent and get staff to make it a center, I don't have space for infants and toddlers and I don't want to deal with choking risks and having to eliminate a lot of toys for that reason. I hate nap time, can't get kids asleep. Otherwise, I really would love infant and toddler care...maybe when my kids age out and we get rid of school-age toys.
Sunshine69 07:44 AM 08-19-2020
My local school district is having a mix. Younger kids go to school Monday-Thursday and grade 6 & up 2 days a week. All other week days are remote learning.

My own teens should be able to manage their remote learning with minimal supervision from me as Iíll still have daycare kids to care for.

Remote learning for the other school age on Fridays should be interesting. If they canít put their headphones on and follow instructions without me standing over them, itís not going to work. I canít teach kindergarten to 5th grade, make meals, change diapers, fill out the tons of extra mandatory covid paperwork and sanitize everything all at the same time.

How providers are going to accommodate this new routine seems to have escaped the people making the plan. Parents are not happy about having to pay for the extra childcare either. Hopefully the politicians will stop arguing and come up with a plan to assist the working parents that now have to pay for the extra childcare. I certainly sympathize and do as much as I can to make it more affordable but my family has to eat too.

I saw on the news the state today of Vermont extended the number of hours providers can work. WooHoo. What a favor. Thatís what providers need. Longer work days with no extra pay and more expenses. Pardon my sarcasm.
Mariposa 10:57 AM 08-19-2020
What does 4 days accomplish? It probably takes an hour of congregating to spread it. Weddings, church ceremonies, and parties aren't 4 days long and people are getting sick from them. Or really just one sneeze on someone. Sounds like teachers wanted a 3 day.
Monday would have been better, but not by much-give a chance to see if your kid got sick Monday from weekend activities. But it takes days for symptoms of illness to appear anyway.

I think about cleaning surfaces both generally and due to covid. It lessens it and prevents build up of dirt..but the moment a kid sneezes uncovered, picks their noses and touches things, and it isn't seen by the provider, they are spreading their germs. Especially when you have lots of kids and staff in a center, or at a home where you live there during non hours.
Sunshine69 12:52 PM 08-19-2020
I think the objective for school was to spread out the attendance volume so they can keep appropriate distance between the students. High-schoolers? Maybe. Good luck getting the younger ones to stay 6í apart and wear masks all day.

Classrooms are holding a dozen kids, school buses are running at 1/4 capacity.

If a teacher or student tests positive, the school plans to shut down for a period.

If a daycare child tests positive, all the daycare kids, provider, providerís family and daycare parents are likely to face mandatory quarantine. All based on test results that hardly seem accurate anymore. How are parents and providers going to sustain more shutdowns?

The only folks around I see benefitting from all this is the illegal providers who have popped up in my area. Theyíre clearly advertising on Facebook and apparently havenít been caught yet. The licensors are working from home. The only time I hear from them is when they email more rules, mandatory forms and required training courses, none of which the illegals are getting.

Iím kinda looking forward to when the school-aged kids have to focus on remote learning while the infants do their thing in the background. I can remind them thatís how us providers and parents feel when weíre trying to get something done and theyíre bickering about whoís giving who dirty looks or fighting over whose turn it is.
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