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Unregistered 11:35 AM 11-10-2020
How are you handling interviews during Covid?

Iím nervous about letting people in my home that I donít know if they social distance or wear a mask in public.

Also nervous because other providers have had Covid positive kids and the parents canít miss work so they take children to new provider and fail to mention the child is positive.

How are you all conducting interviews? Any specific questions to ask the families regarding Covid?
CenterTeacher20 01:20 PM 11-10-2020
If we do not have an opening for the specific age of the child of the family interested, we are not offering tours (interviews). If we are trying to fill a spot, we offer tours (interviews) after hours only. I can't stand working after hours unless its worth it, so I only offer it for the one hour period after closing, plus I do a slight interview on the phone with the family before booking. Ask the right questions, why are you currently looking for care, has your child previously been in care, scheduled hours, etc. If there's anything that sounds like something I don't want to deal with, I do not set up an in-person interview.
nanglgrl 12:01 PM 11-11-2020
Im doing all interviews/tours via zoom and may continue this after the virus is gone. I send all contracts and policies before the zoom so they can get questions ready. Itís so much better! Spending all day preparing for a no show, having to wait to eat dinner because someone decides they want to stay and play for over an hour, showing me how ďsmartĒ their child is while I just try to get through the policies snd procedures, talking and showing no intention of leaving while Iím turning off lights because Iíve already decided not to enroll, copying and sending paperwork for someone that doesnít enroll, having to clean up after a child gets out every toy during the interview...all of that is now a thing of the past!

If they want to enroll after the zoom interview then they can come and do a quick tour/meet and greet after hours. They have to put down a deposit during that time. I donít want people coming in unless they are serious about starting here and after the zoom interview, tour, my ratings and reviews and the plethora of information I send the only reasons they could have for turning me down before seeing my place in person are probably the same reasons I would turn them down as a client. Additionally, I make sure that when they contact me about care the zoom interview is scheduled a few days later and their start date is at least a week from the first contact. Then I investigate Facebook for any posts about childcare or illness that they made. That makes it harder those who were kicked out of care for coming positive and for those whose current childcare is closed due to cases.

I also reduced my trial period to one week due to COVID and changed how people are charged if Iím closed down due to an outbreak or mandate. Basically they canít bring the virus here and then unenroll without it affecting their pocketbook more than if they would have just quarantined or isolated like they were supposed to. There are probably loopholes that one of them will figure out but thatís the norm.

So far everyone has done the zoom interviews and skipped the quick tour/meet and greet. Itís a little weird on the childís first day since parents also drop off at the door and feels like Iím running a fast food restaurant but I have a private page where I post photos and updates throughout the day so that helps soften the harshness of the process. Realistically the only difference for parents is about 30-45 minutes face to face with me before their children starts vs 30-45 minutes on a zoom face to face with me. I also really like getting to see their homes and often get tours. The information I gain about the child during a face to face interview is never indicative of their success here and rarely a realistic view of the child and their mannerisms so it works.
dolores 11:58 AM 11-12-2020
I've been doing interviews/tours by video only- FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom- 15 minutes.

If they want to enroll I email them the paperwork and we have another video or audio call to go it over and for Q&As-15 minutes.

Before they start I do another video chat with client and child, where I do a quick indoor walkthrough and then to outside backyard to see the children playing- 5 minutes. This is mostly for the child to see me, my assistant and our kids having fun to get them familiar.

Drop offs at door can be challenging for newbies until they transition however, it has been much better than when parents came in and lingered. I have large front windows that are bare, through which parents can see what is going on inside and say a final bye or hi at drop off/pickup.

Except for 1 family I terminated on day 3 because they made such a scene and there was no turning back after that, everyone has been understanding. It also helps that clients are referred by word of mouth so they've already gotten firsthand information before they contact me.

Incidentally, I don't say it but if they were to ask, I would arrange a brief in-person visit on a Friday after everyone has left. No one has asked.

I'm currently making a short tour vid to include as well.
dolores 01:28 PM 01-12-2021
Parent wants to enroll son and mentioned that she and son contracted covid mid December. They are both covid negative now but have a lingering cough. She wants to enroll and make regular payments to hold the spot and he will start when cough is gone. Why do I feel uneasy about this? How do I know for sure when both their coughs are completely her word? Advice?
AmyKidsCo 01:55 PM 01-12-2021
I email my Parent Handbook and photos of my environment, then do a Zoom interview. So far I've only had 1 opening, & filled it this way.
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