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Unregistered 04:11 PM 05-13-2011
I've been a dc/preschool teacher for 8yrs at the same center, we are in a church in Indiana so we are tech. unlicensed but follow most state rules. The church we are in doesn't recognize us in anyway, but for the money we give each month, (I feel horrible about saying that). We are busting at the seams with children right now which would be good, but our current ratio's are stressing all of us teachers to the limit. We have each tried talking to our director about this, but she doesn't seem to care for example we have a child that has a slight disability, he's almost 2, scratches kids constantly, cries if not being held, his current teacher has 5 other children in her class from ages 17mths to 20mths, their room 7ft by 8ft with no windows (it was a copy room but the director enrolled to many kids and put this room together temporarily), she addressed her concerns about this child and was told to put him down and let him cry but when I said something to the director about how stressful that whole situation has to be she told me to mind my business. I am friends with all of my co-workers and that really hurt.

Now I'm getting more children in my class, which I have no cubbies or cots for, my ages are from 24mth to 35mths and I have 11 now her answert to that was maybe someone will be absent and I can use their cot, she didn't address the cubby issue. I actually call the state inspectors about the other room and when they came she told us to lie about the room (saying we didn't know) and denied it herself saying it was a church room for toddlers on Sunday. She also had us sign a contract stating that if you clock in or out late you get docked 15min and if you forget to clock in/out you get docked 15min.

We aren't supposed to accepted children before the age of 2 but she has been making exceptions for church members because "the church said she has to". Our current ratios are 2yrs - 1:7 3yrs 1:12, 4yrs 1:14 prek 1:16 and k 1:30. Us teachers feel like she is more worried about money coming in and not quality of care. We are going see if she will have a meeting to discuss these things. We have talked to the pastor but nothing has been said, a few of us wanted to sit in on their monthly meeting and we were not allowed to. They have put us on a monthly cap with our income, (we make $$$$$ per month and are allowed $$$$ for expenses and payroll, the church takes their monthly "donation" and whats left goes to the church not to the daycare. We have to have church permission for everything we purchase and I mean everything like crayons. Our whole situation is ridiculous really, and I love my kids, the parents, and my job, but when we teachers are stress we get stressed with the kids. One of us talked to the atty. general and were told we would have to hire a private attorney for any action. We have a wonderful reputation and we are all worried it's going to go down hill. Anyone have any other suggestions for our situation, I just feel like we're trapped, with this economy we can't afford to loose our jobs.
ChaserT27 06:55 PM 05-13-2011
I would (as a group) request a meeting. Ensure all upper management (and any other lead roles) is present for this meeting.
During the meeting bring up your concerns as well as the issues the concerns are causing. Explain that there are ratios for the childrens safety. Going against this not only could result in injury but if they get caught...they could shut you down. In the case individuals above her do not know you were told to lie, I would actually bring that to the surface as well. Hard to do since you may (or may not) have to deal with this person..but you all need to think of the kids..not her.
If as a group you approach this, you may get further than a complaint here or there.
And yes it certainly seems the concern is with the income rather than rules ans safety of all involved.
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