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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>DCB Says Mom Told Him My Child Was A Brat!!!
Unregistered 06:16 AM 11-16-2011
This has just set me off!!!! 5 year old DCB comes this morning, him and my son start a little arguing for whatever reason it was- and dcb says "my mom told me you were just a brat"!!!! What??? Really??? How mature is that, if it was really said??? I want to believe that its just the little boy making things up but worst part is I believe him, he is a very straight forward kid, doesn't hide anything, says anything-even if it would be offending. I also believe it to be true because his parents do tell him and his siblings things they are really to young to know, things no kids that young should ever worry about (ie: badmouthing others in their life besides this, etc.). I have always thought these kids know too much at their age about certain things but this tops it! I would never stoop to a level and belittle someone else's child! Made my day!!!
sharlan 07:02 AM 11-16-2011
Take a step back and look - is your child a brat? Does he act up during pick ups and drop off, demanding attention? Is he bossy with the other kids, my home, my toys attitude?

If not, don't worry about it.
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