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SilverSabre25 01:38 PM 09-20-2010
Just curious I'm in the process of trying to chase down everyone paperwork and make sure it's all filled out completely and properly. I also don't like some of the forms I've been using, so I'm curious. Also, is your contract like and where did you get it from (or did you make it up yourself?)?
MyAngels 02:30 PM 09-20-2010
Well, let's see, I have:
1. Physical form, including immunizations (standard form provided by the state)

2. Application and Record of Child Information (includes contact information, who to contact in case of illness or injury, days of the week attending and rate, and personal information about the child (another state form).

3. Consents for emergency medical care, the administration of both prescription and OTC meds, field trips and excusions, swimming and for anyone other than the parents who are allowed to pick up (all on one form).

4. Late Pick Up Policies and Procedures (required by my state).

5. A form that shows that I handed out a pamphlet from the state outlining what to look for in daycare providers & the rules and regs governing same.

6. My rate schedule, including the date is became effective.

7. And, of course, my contract, which is four pages and includes all of my policies and procedures. I wrote the contract myself and it has served me well over the years.
legomom922 04:33 AM 09-21-2010
I have:

Enrollment forms
All About Me forms
Authorizied pick ups
Medical emergency authorization form
Emergency contacts
Authorizations forms for:
Going in my car
Field trips
Picture taking
Going for walks
Immuinzation records
Statement that say they have read my handbook and AGREE to all of it's terms.

Wrote my own contract and thats where the statement comes in that they have read the handbook, because on the last line of my contract, it says that the handbook is part of my contract, an dthey are agreeing to all of the terms in my handbook. So my contract is 1 only 1 page, and just has their name, start date, contract days, hrs, rate and signatures.
DancingQueen 05:36 AM 09-21-2010
State enrollment form
State authorization for treamtment form
medical health forms
My contract (which states they read the handbook and agree to all of the information within)
authorization for pick up (anyone besides parents)
Field trips and permission to be in my car
allergy form
permission to photograph (which also gives them the option to OK some types of photos and refuse others - like OK to take photos to display in my home but maybe not OK to post them on my website.. etc.)

I think that might be it.
renodeb 07:38 PM 12-26-2012
My contract is a conglomeration of samples I got from fellow providers. For enrollment I require: contract, well child statement, shot records (although parents really have 30 days to get that), and a well child statement from Doctor.
MarinaVanessa 08:56 AM 12-27-2012
I make a Parent Packet which is a colored folder with pockets and 3 brads. My handbook goes in the brads, the papers that I need filled out go in the front pocket and the paper for them to keep go in the back pocket. The pockets also both have slots for business cards so I put my card in there also. This is what I have in mine:
  1. My Contract (full/part-time or Drop-in)
  2. My handbook
  3. Enrollment form
  4. Child's Profile (about the child)
  5. Identification & Emergency Information - Required by licensing
  6. Consent for medical treatment - Required by licensing
  7. Authorization for topical products
  8. Permission agreement (to participate, vehicle transportation and photograph)
  9. Medication in young children - letter
  10. Consumer awareness information - Required by licensing
  11. Notification of parent's rights - Required by licensing
  12. Rates & Fees
  13. Holiday schedule
  14. Payment options - letter
  15. Keep me home if ... (symptoms to look out for)
  16. Caregiver background check process - Required by licensing

When I made my contract I looked at other samples first and then figured out what I wanted mine to look like. Then I bulleted the policies that I wanted in it and split it into a few categories. Once I was done my DH took it to work and had the attorneys at his office review it ... the first time it came back it had red and blue ink all over it and had a bunch of parts crossed out but at least they were nice enough to rewrite and proof it for me. The same thing happened with my handbook .

My contract covers Items to an agreement to follow my contract and all policies in my handbook, hours of care, services provided, terms of payment, holidays and attendance, illness policy, termination procedure and at the very end another agreement of all terms and conditions. After each section my clients have to sign and date a statement that reads :

I, the client, understand the terms and conditions under item (ONE, TWO etc.). I have read the terms and agree to these terms.

Besides the forms required by licensing most of the rest of the paperwork was made by me but I always looked at samples for reference and just changed and added the stuff that I wanted.
daycarediva 04:06 AM 12-28-2012
contract(made by me)
physical & immunization records (state form)
photo of child
emergency contact cards
emergency medical authorization
over the counter topical ointment permission slip (and the log stays in their file)
internet permission slip
transportation permission slip
bouncy house permission slip
outdoor play permission slip
nap permission slip (state req-for me to leave the room with a monitor on)
facebook permission slip
photo authorization form
CACFP enrollment form
signed copies of discipline policy
CozyHome 10:18 PM 12-28-2012
Wow, I believe simple is best. The simpler and more concise your rules the better chance your clients will remember all of them. So I have a 2 page contract and 6 pages of policies where the parents initial every paragraph.

Then I have a 2 page medical form which goes everywhere with us and it is meant to be handed off to a paramedic in the event of an emergency so that the parents would meet the medical team at the hospital.

I also have a picture permission form for my website. That's it!
Abigail 09:48 PM 01-01-2013
I see this thread was originally from awhile ago, but I also agree simple is best.

I'm required to give out two forms per child which are "Parents Statement on Health" and "Child Information Sheet". These two forms cover many little basics so it eliminates me having to create questions about the child's background and automatically has in the legal documents information about medical treatment and ambulances, etc. SO NICE the state has these required forms!

So those two 1 and 2 sided forms, plus my 2 sided contract, my 3 pages front/back handbook, and my food program enrollment. That makes "5" items and I get all back signed except the handbook is for them to keep.

I do have "seasonal" or "per occurance" forms but I do not give those out until it's needed. That includes sunscreen, bugspray, or any over-the-counter or prescribed medications which is also used for topical creams like butt paste. When I need it, the parents just sign it. No need to send home extra stuff. Each year I give out a specific page just for closed holidays, but the closed holidays are automatically listed in their contract. The contract is for each year so I don't print specific dates just the actual name of the holiday.

If anyone has a VERY detailed, yet easy to read form on permission to share photos and photograph please send it to me! I want to create one because parents are asking for photos of the group and I need something in writing not verbal. I've done verbal agreements at each enrollment to take a picture of their child and I send them home monthly but it's only of their child. I do not use the internet to post any either. So if you have something please pm me and share if you'd like! THANKS
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