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delferka 05:51 PM 06-07-2020
Hi everyone. I was wondering what everyone's toy situation is when we get back to it. It seems so limited. And what is your routine with cleaning?! So you clean until midnight?
Cat Herder 04:10 AM 06-08-2020
I soak submersibles, hang to dry and rotate.

I do laundry daily.

No changes here, really at all.
CeriBear 05:38 AM 06-08-2020
All toys that are played with are either soaked or sprayed with sanitizing solution daily. If it canít be soaked or sprayed it has been put away. No more dress up clothes aside from shoes. Home living has basically been reduced to dishes and play food.
Each child has their own bag of play dough, crayons, and kinetic sand.
AmyKidsCo 01:30 PM 06-08-2020
I put everything away except the bare minimum required by licensing. I also bought dollar store bins to replace our wicker baskets. All hard toys get washed/disinfected every night and I disinfect from the doorway around the room (walls, furniture, etc) to about 4" up. I made 4 bins of things that are hard to disinfect (markers, crayons, etc, board books, card games, etc) and they're rotated: 1 day out, 3 days put away.
LK5kids 05:57 AM 06-14-2020
I replaced wicker baskets

I bought good quality plastic food and put away my felt And wooden food. Since I spray with 7th generation disinfectant I could leave out the wooden food but wanted to downsize for awhile

Put away half my blocks

I bought a vinyl couch With grant $$ ($100) to replace the awesome & soft body pillow and other pillows in The book corner. I don’t like the couch anywhere near as much. They cram on to it, jump onto friends who are laying on it, etc.

I have 1/4 the dress up clothes out. I rotate them so they are out three days but spray them before I take them out.

I have 1/2 as many dolls as before and have kept some doll blankets as they play so many games with them. It’s obvious kids need soft items. I spray and rotate them out each night. Out three days.

I have out 5 board books and rotate them each night.

I wash surfaces and big toys with hot soapy water and let dry and spray with the disinfectant. Also gates, door knobs, etc.

I put some toys through the dishwasher and spray the rest.
I’ve always only had two bins of toys. I’m not big on tons of toys out. I have a bin of duplo vehicle bases, animals & people. I dump them out and spray every inch or put through the dishwasher.

The bin of food is much smaller and easy to put through the dishwasher.

I only clean about 1/2 hour. I steam mop hardwood in the morning before kids come, spray chairs they use at the kids table and clean the bathroom.
LK5kids 08:14 AM 06-14-2020
I’m also putting together individual art pouches for each child with a box of crayons, paint brush, glue bottle, markers and the school agers get their own coloring / activity book and workbook for quiet time.
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