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Unregistered 02:47 PM 07-03-2015
I feel like I've been bamboozled. During the interview 7mos Dcb was the sweetest baby. Smiling and trying to talk so I registered him. First week was not a full week but it was pretty much the same with the smiling and trying to have a conversation. I could put him down and he'd scoot around the room playing with as many toys as he could on the ground. The next week he still was smiling and was talkative but when I put him on the floor he'd play really briefly then scoot to where ever I was, look up at me waiting for me to pick him up then he'd put his head down and start crying. Once I pick him up hes back to being his normal self (as long as I'm holding him) This week hes doing everything he did the week prior but now not only does he want me to hold him, he wants me to stand up and hold him. I dont get a break because he takes the worlds shortest naps. Its like he feels like he's gonna miss out on something. Any suggestions on what to do to break him of this? I cant carry him around all day, I have other kids and things to do.
Tags:clingy, needy