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thatdivalady 12:38 PM 11-10-2011
So, next chapter of my ordeal.

1. Talked with the municipality to verify that this building was suitable for daycare and was told that there were no problems. This was after them telling me about other buildings that would require an architect.

2. Signed the lease!

3. Received the generic certificate of occupancy.

4. Asked for the UCC statment

5. Was told "that's a whole new ballgame"

6. WHAT?!?

7. Was told I needed an architect.

8. Called architects and they were baffled because the inspector refused to tell me what needed to be architect (God bless her) came by and said I did not need sprinklers, but needed to make the toilets and sinks child size and some other minor things.

9. Filed for another occupancy permit and had the marshal and inspector come out. They say I need sprinklers, all exit doors need to swing out, I need fire strobe lights, a fire separation wall, etc. etc.....

10. Cried.

lol okay well maybe I didn't cry. But I am annoyed. So can someone explain to me why the IBCs (International Building Codes) are so important for safety when other centers can get "grandfathered" in? If it's important enough to make one center do it why don't the rest have to? Sorry, I'm just irritated. So in order for me not to lose too much more money in a place that I cannot operate in, I have choices to make:

1. only deal with preschool (which violates my mission to offer childcare to 6 weeks to 6 years)

2. not operate at night (which violates my mission to offer childcare for parents with alternative schedules who cannot get childcare anywhere else)

Meanwhile I have to work 80 hours a week and I barely see my 14 month old. So again, sorry, but just so angry at the situation. I had the opportunity to do a lease to own in a house before signing the lease for this building and could have started a smaller daycare there with no strings or catches. But this building gave more space for the kiddos to stretch out and run around in.
familyschoolcare 07:26 PM 11-10-2011
Could you not operate at knight and "exspand" the bussiness in two years or so.
thatdivalady 09:11 PM 11-10-2011
It's definitely in the "options" that are being considered. It's not a necessity for us to operate overnight, it was just one of the reasons that we wanted to get it started. But thanks, because it affirms what I've been thinking about : )
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