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Countrygal 06:41 AM 02-20-2012
Besides those of you who subscribe to a regular monthly curriculum, do any of you subscribe to a "membership" site where you get craft ideas, printed pages, etc for a yearly membership fee? I have belonged to one in the past, but was wondering what else is out there and what sites people have found to have the most crafts and ideas and activities for the buck?
Childminder 07:42 AM 02-20-2012
I have in the past but there is WAY to much out there for free and don't any longer.
Cat Herder 08:43 AM 02-20-2012
It is kind of hard to motivate me to pay for something I can get for free.

A site would have to offer new, exciting things that have never been offered before for me to pay for a subscription. IMHO, that is a hard thing to find. I am sure there are a few out there, though..

I OFTEN donate to sites that have helped me greatly, though. I know there is a cost of keeping the information available, so show my appreciation via the "donate" button when one is easy to locate.
MarinaVanessa 10:19 AM 02-20-2012
Yep, I prefer not to pay for curriculum. I tend to go to a lot for ideas. I like it because the smaller 1 and 2yo's can scribble on the printouts and most of the activities can be simplified for them so that even they can participate (somewhat). The only thing that I don't like is that they sometimes won't post the next month's curriculum until 3 to 1 day before the beginning of the month. I like to have it earlier so that I can prepare the materials and plan for the day, but it's free so why complain.
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