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284878 08:18 AM 07-03-2019
I have a mom that contacted me in the winter for an August start date for a newborn and toddler, I told her that I would not have a infant spot until November. She requested it tour at the time my numbers are low so I did it. Originally she contacted me for Monday but during the tour she mentioned Wednesday.
After the tour I didn't hear anything from her. Being so far in advance I was not going to suggest her to hold one day a week. Typically always have one I openings for drop-in, so I never expressed any warning and I continued to advertise openings.

So fast forward to now my numbers are no longer low and she contacted me to start next month. I only have Monday available not Wednesday. Which I have already told her. But now she wants me to confirm an infant spot for November.

Well since the tour, I have filled most of my spots/days. I have one Monday (offered to her), and two Tuesday and Wednesday (offered to a foster family).

I also had a tour for a mom to be that toured a month ago for a November start date. November is when my son age is up and I can take another infant. The mom to be contacted me right away saying that she wanted the spot, but again it was so far away that I didn't offer to hold it.

As of my current schedule I don't have a spot for either infant.

I know that anything can happen but I just not sure I know how to respond to the mom wanting one day a week.

so what is the best way to professionally answer these questions without saying that I absolutely positively would not have a spot. Cuz I would never know for sure whether or not I would have the spot. And I am still waiting back to hear from the Foster family and whether or not they are getting the kids. And even if they do get the kids the kids could go home because one parent still has rights. So come November they may not be here.

"Do you still have spots for both boys after Thanksgiving? if I wait to have both of them come until after Thanksgiving will we still have 2 spots on hold for us?"

Cat Herder 11:29 AM 07-03-2019
I wish I could help, but your business plan is too chaotic for me to follow. Sorry. That sounds tough.
Ariana 11:44 AM 07-03-2019
“Hello I generally only hold spots for people with payment so I consider all spots open until I receive payment for them. Are you wanting to reserve the spot for November? I will not know until closer to that time whether or not my spot will be open, please contact me closer to November. Thanks”.
284878 12:00 PM 07-03-2019
Originally Posted by Ariana:
“Hello I generally only hold spots for people with payment so I consider all spots open until I receive payment for them. Are you wanting to reserve the spot for November? If so we can discuss the interim payment to hold it. Thank you”
Thank you, the problem is, based on my current attendance, I will not have a spot for her baby. But I do not want to shoot myself in the foot because if the foster family does not work out then I would have an opening for them.

So how do I say no without making it sound like it would be impossible?
mommyneedsadayoff 12:57 PM 07-03-2019
I would just tell her that you have a spot for the toddler, but you cannot guarantee a spot for the baby come November. Unfortunately, you won't have that information until closer to October. She doesnt need to know that a spot is highly unlikely and as you said, you are not 100% that it wont be available, so it leaves the door open. If she would like to go ahead with the toddler in August, she can come sign paperwork and leave a deposit. If she needs a guarantee of the baby spot, it is not the right fit and she should find another daycare. I personally wouldn't put this much effort into a family that only needs one or two days a week.

Just my opinion, but I think you are overcomplicating how you gain new clients. If you do not want to offer the option of holding a spot by paying for it in advance, then I would not even entertain the idea of enrolling the parent until just a few weeks before they actually want to start. As in, I would not do interviews or walkthroughs or anything like that, but simply tell them to call back 2 weeks before they like to start and if you have an opening, you will proceed with an interview. That might be a tough position for parents, however, because they tend to start looking for childcare far before that time frame, but the only way to handle these things is to either make them pay for the spot while you hold it, or make them wait until you are ready to officially offer the spot with a simple deposit. Good luck and hope it all works out!
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