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tymaboy 06:35 AM 01-26-2010
How do you all clean your pak n plays. What do you use on them? I like to take mine outside & hose them down during the summer months but I can not do that during the winter. I have 3 sitting in the bedroom right now & I think I know which one it is that smells. The entire room smells like piss. I have sprayed it with the anytime clorox spray the room with different air fresheners & it still sticks. I now broke down & opened the windows to try to air out the room but this is IA & I cant leave the windows open for long. Please I need suggestions on what to do to get the smell out.
Carole's Daycare 06:57 AM 01-26-2010
Are all three in use daily? If not I would take the stinky one out of the house- outside in the fresh air for a day or so. Perhaps a do it yourself car wash with some laundry soap? If neither option is feasible you could try a Febreze antimicrobial, or believe it or not, a carpet pet urine spray. Most of those have a good odor destroying enzyme action. Otherwise you'll have to throw it and replace- I can get a good newer used one no recalls about $30 at a kids consignment shop. Currently I use a metal folding crib from lakeshore that I love, easy, portable, space saving, sturdy, and with a washable waterproof mattress pad, a diaper leak or puke doesn't ruin the whole thing.
gbcc 08:55 AM 01-26-2010
I used to soak mine in a bathtub filled with pine sol or a lysol agent. I would then scrub it down after it sat, soak in in just soap so that I could get the lysol smell out and then rinse really well with warm water.

I just bought a carpet cleaner and I have been using that as of lately.
Persephone 09:07 AM 01-26-2010
I would put it in the bathtub if you can. I have a shower head that comes off and you can spray it right on what you need. Works great to clean stuff like that.
mac60 09:12 AM 01-26-2010
I mix up in a spray bottle a shot of laundry soap and water, spray the pack in play and scrub it that way. Use a wet cloth to rinse it off. Then spray with Lysol when done. I also keep a small blanket folded over the pad of the pack in play then use a twin fitted sheet to wrap it in for the sheet. Keeps the pad much cleaner.
Reply 09:14 AM 01-26-2010
I would use a steamer on it or put it in the tub. I have a europro steamer that I LOVE. but honestly, my pack and plays dont get really bad? not pee or puke,... but the top rail from when they pull up or chew. But they go to a cot at 12 mo here.
Carole's Daycare 10:44 AM 01-26-2010
I had one that was out of crib/playpen at 13 m when her brother was born. Her brother however....
tymaboy 01:03 PM 01-26-2010
On another forum someone suggested baking soda & vinager. After I read it I thought Dah - its good for all kinds of stuff so I mixed some up. I figured I wasnt out anything if it doesnt work. I sprayed the entire pak n play & left it sit for about 15 min before going back in to check it. When I went back in it smelled much better so I decided to close the window & see how it went after that. The piss smell is almost gone in the room so after all the kids leave I will spray them all down. I need to remember this for any other cleaning job I may find that I need. I am really surprised at how quick it was able to get the strong odor out. I think after I treat it again tonite I will not have any of the smell in the room.
Unregistered 02:04 PM 01-26-2010
I'm sorry. This is the second post you have used the word piss. Is that really appropriate? I really hope you don't ask the kids if they pissed their pants or if they need to piss. Thats very TPT mouth.

Also, baking soda and lemon also work.
sweetcinna 02:30 PM 01-26-2010
I take some laundry soap with me to the local do-it yourself carwash! I find that the high pressure of the water really gets them clean.
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