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lura 09:30 PM 02-17-2013
Hi! I've been licensed only 4 months, and am filling up fast. I have a couple of families interested in full time care, but would have to kick out some part timers to make room for them with my current capacity. I hate to do that, and my only other option is to hire an assistant and apply for a higher capacity. With all the taxes and insurance, is it worth it? Thanks for any advice.
Blackcat31 08:08 AM 02-18-2013
It depends on how much you need to pay your assistant.

What I would do in your shoes, is offer the part timers the ability to move up to full time care. If they choose not to, then let them know you are planning on taking on more full timers and that will mean limited availability to them.
Bkind 10:15 AM 02-18-2013
in NY it cost me just 300 a month to do this and that was not even including paying them if you can a know how to run your own payroll and then just pay the insurance not so bad b/c the insurance is cheap it the cost of the payroll and the taxes you have to pay in on someone
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