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MommyMuffin 12:48 PM 05-09-2011
I recently posted about sleeping.
I have been doing dc for 6 months so bare with me. I need advice to 2 things.

When you have a 20 month old that just cries during nap time. Do you leave him in nap room or let him get up and play in living room. I have 2 infants and 1 older baby with me in the living room sectioned off, and they sleep in the living room during nap time. Is it awful to keep him in the nap room?

Another question: I have a 2.5 yr old daughter who is attached to her nuk. Mostly she only has it when she takes a nap, but will throw a fit if I cant find it. What are some ways to wean her off it?

SimpleMom 01:11 PM 05-09-2011
If the parent's WANT their child to "cry it out", I will try but I will check-in every 15 minutes or so maybe even sooner until they are resting and no more than for one hour.

I usually get them up if they cry for longer than 20 minutes and will check on them every 10 min generally. Sometimes, they just need to snuggle a little bit before they are ready to sleep in the crib. One that I have will snuggle until just asleep and then I lay them in the crib and rub their tummy and they will fall asleep like that. It just works for my that way. I'm not a big cry it out fan

I may be in the minority on that one, but like I said, it works here.

As for the paci. With mine we slowly snipped the tip of the paci off until they brought it to us and pretty much didn't want it anymore. With one of ours, we "sent" them to those that didn't have any paci's That worked for us.

Good luck. I would just make sure the parent's are on the same page if they are crying for long periods of time and such.
daycare 01:18 PM 05-09-2011
dont have sleep advice, but for the pacy..

One of my DCm just got her 3. yr old off the pacy by having the pacy fairy come. She told her daughter a story about the pacifer fairy (not sure how the story went), and then had her daughter place it in a bag and leave it on the back porch right before bed. the next morning the girl woke up to a new bike and the fairy took the nuk. It worked out really well for them....
spud912 02:09 PM 05-09-2011
We just weened my dd from her pacifier cold turkey. One day they just disappeared. She asked for it one time but I re-directed her to something else. It was a lot easier than I expected.
GretasLittleFriends 02:49 PM 05-09-2011
At what age do you wean them from it?

My oldest (now 15 1/2yrs) I don't remember how old she was or what we did. Seems to me she was about 2, but I really don't remember.

My DS (now 6 1/2) lost his one day, and that was the end of it.

My little dd just turned 1 and uses hers at bed/nap time. Once in a while if she's really crabby, and trying to wait a bit longer to put her to bed/nap. Sometimes she just walks around with it in, and if you pull it out she cries (complains). I'm wondering how/when to wean her?
jojosmommy 08:36 PM 05-09-2011
We cut the tip off my sons at 18 months. He said "paci bwoken" a few times then never wanted it again. My daycare kids leave them at the door (or send home with mom at 18 months) so even if I wanted to give them one they know they cant have one. Never had a real screamer over the paci yet.

I get rid of them by then b/c otherwise they are left all over the house, or they become a control issue for either the kid who has one or the other kids who know they can take it away to make that child annoyed.

I actually start taking them away as early as 12 months but don't tell the parents really until after I have seen how much the child is attached to it. I have found more parents pushing it on babbling/talking kids to keep them quiet. I just don't give them one occassionally and see if they make a big fuss. If not then I keep "forgetting" to give it to them. Eventually they dont need it at all at daycare and when 18 months comes and mom is worried about how they are going to do without it I let them know they actually havent used it for XX days, weeks, months at my house. With no complaints.
If they are a child who makes a big fuss we try again when they are a little older.
Former Teacher 07:42 PM 05-10-2011
I am reminded of a funny story:

This little boy YEARS ago at my former center was 2 years old and had a pacifier. Mom said he was CONSTANTLY losing them at home (he wasn't allowed to have them at daycare and he never asked).

One day mom finally said that she wasn't going to buy anymore. Once they were lost that's it. Well lo and behold, a few MONTHS later, the boy started having a paci in his mouth! Mom threw it away. Next day: same thing. Day after: same thing.

Finally that weekend, mom decided to do a little spring cleaning in the boys closet. Way in the back in the corner was a HUGE stash of pacifiers!

Mom couldn't believe how many were there. She did say she was embarrassed because he had so many. lol

Anyway whenever I hear a pacifier story I think of that little boy
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