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daycare 09:30 AM 08-03-2011
So this morning I wake up to find out one of my clients checks have bounced. Their child has been out on vacation for the last two weeks with the dad. Mom came Friday to pay me and usually gives me cash, but I got a check instead that was also $100 short, which was kind of my fault. I know the DCP is having money issues and her child will be leaving Ina few weeks for kinder. I give her a single mom discount every month.

So I'm leaving in a few hours to go on vacation. I really don't want to have to deal with this right now, but know that I need to.

In normal circumstances I would throw the book at someone who bounced a chck, but I just feel for this mom as I have walked in her shoes.

Am I being too nice? Should I throw the book at her and treat her like the rest?
The child is expected to return Tuesday morning.
permanentvacation 09:37 AM 08-03-2011
Oh, no, no, no! No checks accepted here!!! I had one person give me a check for their 3 kids - when I finally got to the bank to cash it (days later), I was told that they had closed their account!!! Then I found out they had moved over the weekend. Therefore didn't show up on Monday for me to discuss their bad check issus with them! That day I decided to accept cash only - no checks, no money orders, cash only - and they pay me on Friday for the upcoming week.

Whether or not you throw the book at her is up to you. They should have at least been upfront with you and told you they would not have the correct amount and ask if that would be okay. If they don't have the money, it might be useless to fuss with her. She's leaving soon anyway. You might want to talk to them about it, let them know you really need them to pay you what what expected. If they pay, good, if not, you could take them to court if you want. Or you might want to just change your policy to cash only and be paid in advance so this doesn't happen again.
dEHmom 09:38 AM 08-03-2011
truthfully i think since they are leaving soon anyways, they are taking this opportunity to skip out early. that's the vibe i'm getting anyway. they figure with you being gone anyway, and then them leaving, they'll cut their ties now right before you leave.
AnneCordelia 09:38 AM 08-03-2011
I feel for the single mamas too, but at the same time, her problems shouldn't become your problems.

Personally, I would require payment, with $$ for the bounced cheque, by Tuesday if she wanted her child to attend.
Christian Mother 09:49 AM 08-03-2011
Have you tried calling her to let her know what has happened. I would call her and let her know that you expect her to pay what she owes you and the nsf fee from your bank. Let her know it needs to all be paid in cash. If she doesn't then her child can't return to care. If she totally try's to skip out on payment and fees then let her know it all goes to court to get handled. Sounds like you have helped her out as much as you can and you are ok will giving her brakes but no payment at all is unacceptable. Not to mention it costed you extra fees bc of the nsf. Please let us know the update.
cheerfuldom 09:58 AM 08-03-2011
stick to your rule. Pay in advance and up to date or care is not provided. sounds like maybe they are not planning to come back on Tuesday anyway....
daycare 10:04 AM 08-03-2011
Thanks for your replies ladies... I needed to hear the truth of what needs to be done. I am a realy softy with this family and I am ALWAYS doing my best to be as helpful as possible.

I guess that part that really bugs me is that in the past the DCM has been short money and should would come to me and we would work something out. She has never "NOT" paid me without first letting me know that she needed a little bit of help. AND it's not like it was happening all of the time.

I did not call her direct yet, as I know she is at work and can't take calls, but I did text her to tell her that her check was returned and that she will need o pay that along with the NSF charges by Tuesday morning, along with the fees owed for that week. What a way to start off my vacation....
Christian Mother 10:17 AM 08-03-2011
I know..I feel bad for you. What a way to begin your vacation specially when it's well deserved!!

Chances are since you sound like you have good communication with her and she can come to you if she has $$ problems and know you will help that this was something she didn't know her self. It will prob. be embarrassing for her but you will have to stick to your guns and tell her that you need to be paid what you agreed on and the nsf fee. You can't pay for her mess ups that isn't fair.
MG&Lsmom 12:15 PM 08-03-2011
What a horrible way to start your vacation! I hope it all gets worked out. I too try so hard with my single DCM, but it looks like her wishy washy ways just lost her her job and I'm out yet another kid.

FWIW, I don't accept checks from most people. When I first started, I had 2 different families place deposits for their first 2 weeks, $300 checks, and they both bounced and I was stuck with $30 fees x 2. Neither family returned my calls or showed up for care on their first days. I was out $60. I didn't have a strong enough back bone to take them to court or confront them about it later when I've seen them. That was 2 years ago. Now I only take cash for deposits and until I've decided they have established a consistent payment history. I have 1 family that has reached that point. Cash or credit cards through paypal for all others.
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