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Unregistered 01:46 PM 08-15-2011
16 month old wakes up and screams. Both the crying scream (although only occassionally-once every 10 days or so ) and the "I'M awake and I'm going to wake EVERYONE on this block scream." That is every other day atleast. It's all nonsense words babbling obviously. Never near the end of nap time. If I get her up EVERYONE gets up and then they are all seriously grumpy for the next 5-6 hours until they go home. Twice I have even had parents complain about their child not getting a good nap at someone else's expense.

She is in her own room and still wakes everyone up? WWYD?
wdmmom 02:06 PM 08-15-2011
Make the room as dark as possible and keep a fan on inside the room to muffle any noise she makes!
Cat Herder 02:26 PM 08-15-2011
If it happened to me, now, I would...

Give her a 30 day probation, try everything I know, do some research, try everything other providers have had work for them, and involve the parents (possibly medical?).

At the end of the 30 days, if no change... I'd let her go.

I have to meet the needs of the GROUP.
cheerfuldom 04:45 PM 08-15-2011
put white noise or music on for the other kids to drown her out. I don't keep screamers long term though. Have a consistent routine, put her down for nap and let her CIO, either she gives in and starts napping or goes to another daycare.
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