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caring4kidsinSD 04:55 PM 12-20-2011
I had a parent tonight ask me to waive their $25 late fee for their activity fee(It's due on the 1st of each month - starting on the 4th a late fee of $5 is charged). They already have a 4 day grace period and they've never been on time with it.

I said sorry, it's not the first time you've been late. She responds but we didn't know about this fee. I said It was on the activity calender I sent home in September and I told you earlier in that week and you said you'd get it to me(well she did - on the 9th of the month). She left mad but I just checked and she's been late every month and I have to remind her every month for it - I'm tired of reminding her for it - hopefully this late fee will help her keep an eye on the calendar!!!
Crystal 05:35 PM 12-20-2011
let me make sure I understand what you are saying.

You charge a $25 activity fee per month and then if that isn 't paid on time you charge an additional late fee? Is this not included in your regular rate for care?
Christian Mother 05:47 PM 12-20-2011
I don't charge activity fees either...The parents ashually donate things for crafts but generally I supply all my art supplies and crafts.
caring4kidsinSD 06:04 PM 12-20-2011
This activity fee is for the preschool curriculum if they choose to do preschool with me. Since I have to pay a helper during this preschool time and buy the curriculum, supplies, etc it is extra each month. And $60 a month for preschool is a bargin in this area. If it's not paid, then the late fee is added(just like I"m sure it'd added at other preschools).
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