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athomemommy 10:22 AM 01-14-2012
Getting my start up folders together. Besides what DCFS needs what other paper work should be in the folder.

handbook, permission slips for photo, transportation, water and get to know you question sheet

do you have a what to expect form if so what does it look like?

Thanks for your help. Have someone coming to fill paperwork Monday!!!
Countrygal 05:17 AM 01-16-2012
My what to expect, my background, all of that is in my handbook.

When I have a client come I have packets completed. They include the list you have above as well as a sample menu (about 4 weeks worth) and a schedule. I also introduce them to my weekly report sheet, although I don't give them a copy of that. Also included is a child information sheet which discusses the child's likes, dislikes, favorites, quirks, etc; I also have a separate contract for infants. I can't think of anything else that I have in my packet right off hand, and don't have time to look right now. I'll try to get at it later, but now...... have to go make the kiddos brekky!
DaycareMama 03:51 PM 01-16-2012
In my packet that I keep I have:

Emergency Contact card
Immunization Records
Signed copy of sick policy
signed contract
signed medical enrollment form
permission to photograph
permission to use Sun block
A large over the counter checklist (wipes, baby powder, diaper cream...ect.)
Signed Parents night out form, acknowleding the times and rules

Additional forms for infants:

Feeding schedule

Parents packet recieved upon enrollment:

Welcome page (logo, contact info, cute little poem i found)
copy of contract
copy of sick policy
Daily schedule
Parents night out info
Sample menu
Thinking about adding a page describing what our food program is

Hope this helps
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