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dave4him 02:04 PM 01-22-2012
I am trying to come up with various items to include in the seven various sections i have to have for my state requirments. The seven areas are

Dramatic play

I got the books part down and block, just need ideas for things to have in the other areas, that i can afford!
Ariana 04:02 PM 01-22-2012
Science - Sensory bins and a water table. I just had a big rectangular bin and filled it with either sand and rocks, dried beans and rice or water so it was very versatile. Then add cups and spoons.

Math/manipulatives - Puzzles, cash register, Matching games, lacing objects

Art - paper, crayons, glue sticks, collage material in bins, markers etc.

Hope that helps!
heyhun77 09:47 PM 01-22-2012
Block - blocks (at least a couple different kinds including non-interlocking), accessories like people, cars, animals, ect. You can use homemade blocks in this center like packing boxes, food packaging boxes, milk cartons made into squares/rectangles, ect.

Dramatic play - dress up clothes (buy halloween costumes to get started but don't forget about regular daily-wear clothes like pants, shirts, clip on ties, shoes, ect), small kitchen set with play food and dishes, baby dolls with accessories like diapers, bottles, clothes, blankets, crib, stroller, ect, cameras, phones, tools, pretty much anything that they can use to re-enact their experiences.

Art - I am one who likes to have most supplies out at all times but others like minimal supplies out since it can be messy. I'd start with at least having crayons and paper available at all times but then have colored pencils, markers, paints, scissors, ect available to bring out during small group times.

Manipulatives - this can include interlocking blocks like duplos, could also be puzzles, counting bears, tongs with objects to move, ect.

Math - this can be found in some of the other areas of the room including blocks, manipulatives, dramatic play but could also include file folder games, a graphing chart for the children to do a question of the day, a bin of objects to sort and classify

Books- don't forget that the book area is a great place to set up your quiet space with soft furnishings. Also, make sure that you include both fiction and non-fiction books. Our reading corner also has pictures of each family and laminated file folders for each child with pics of their familiy and things to remind them of home. We also have pupets in there right now.

Science- this could be included in the reading area by adding file folders with pictures of different interest areas but we have a separate center called the exploration station and include our puzzles, sensory bottles, some manipulatives like interlocking blocks, our interest area file folders, and then usually there are magnifying glasses in there with a basket of something not-to-messy to explore. We also have our class plant there to care for. We also have a second science exhibit across the room with our aquarium which currently has fiddler crabs, snails and fish in it. Science can also be found in the sensory table. If you don't have a sensory table it can be dishpans on the floor. You can put almost anything in there to explore but you have to be ready for the messes. I usually include an emergency kit in that center so the kids can clean up their own messes. The kit includes anything they would need in order to clean up the mess so towels for water, a broom and dustpan for sand, rice, oatmeal, flour, dirt, ect.
kidkair 12:32 PM 01-23-2012
I have a snow theme right now and this is what I have out in each of the areas:
Block: wooden blocks
Dramatic play: hats, mittens, scarves, stuffed winter animals and snowmen, used boxes and fabric to make a play igloo, have sled inside
Art: making snowflakes out of popsicle sticks, paint, glitter and drawing snow pictures on black paper with white chalk and other open ended artsy stuff, have color of the day twice a week
Manipulatives: snow puzzle, winter clothing themed matching game, shape board with shape of the day twice a week
Math: counting snowflakes we make, counting snow bean bags, have number of the day twice a week
Books: all snow themed, have a wall with pictures and words starting with the letter of the day twice a week
Science: freezing water into ice, painting with colored ice as it melts, watching snow, bring snow inside, hot/cold discussions
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