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Amadia 06:59 PM 03-16-2010
I have a 20 month old dcb who is hitting and biting. He is acting out in anger, for fun, and when frustrated over his lack vocabulary (only says a handful of words). Time outs are not working because he thinks theyíre funny. Iíve tried forcefully telling him ďno hitting hurtsĒ and having him say sorry (well give hugs because he canít say sorry) with no change in behavior. He has been hit and bit by the other children (not ok with me obviously but they just get so tired of being hit and bit) and even that has had no effect on him. He is also biting himself and banging his head on the floor when mad (Iíve been ignoring this behavior unless itís gets to the point where he will hurt himself) Does anyone have any ideas Iíve failed to try? Lately Iíve been trying to get him to clap (suggested on another post) and really showering him with attention when he is playing nicely.
kpa0627 08:40 PM 03-16-2010
I have a biting policy at my in home daycare. It states that if a child bites two times in one day the parent will be called to pick their child up. This assures the safety of the child, other children and myself. Parents of the children who get bit appreciate this policy. It may make the parent of the biter upset but you have to put the safety of others first.
newtoeverything 08:44 PM 03-16-2010
I would try sign language. I have a whiny 17 month old (born preemie so words are few) and he really takes to it. Once he knows the sign, he will respond. I do NO CRYING as a sign and he stops. Sit, Stop, and others....short and to the point. You will need to sign and say the words so he will know what the sign means. Try this and see......
Unregistered 07:18 AM 03-17-2010
I agree with using sign language and are you documenting all the incidents of him biting and hitting not only others but himself as well? I would just to make sure you are covered in case he bangs his head hard enough to cause an injury, id also make a copy for the parents each time he had these behaviors so they couldnt say they werent aware of them, had he had his hearing checked? I also like the two bites in one day and your gone for the day policy, i think id also have it to wear if it happens more than 3 times in a week that they will be put on probation or terminated, forme it would depend on what and how the parents were doing to help the situation. For now i would put him in time out (playpen?) away from the other kids telling him that he cant hit or bite and be mean or he wont be able to play, maybe after being excluded from playing with the others he will stop?
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